Today I want to get you excited about your kid’s room. Because I consider that just because this room is mostly used by the child, that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautifully designed. And I have in today’s article just 15 exampled of child room design that I promise you will die for!

But don’t die just yet (or at all). And let me tell you a bit of why I wanted to share these designs. First of all the child room is a part of the home as any other space inside the house. So we have to pay proper attention to it when designing, decorating, or even buying a house. More so, I would go ahead and say that, since your own child or children will be living in that space, the more attention you pay to it, the better.

So here are just a few examples to inspire you on how to decorate your child’s room. And you will notice that most of these have the child involved in the process. Because their likes and preferences can be found all over the room. And that is just one of the secrets when decorating a child’s room. Make sure they know its theirs and let them personalize it. Because it will make them feel so much better. As a parent, you can just be the guiding hand. And take a look at what amazing results you can achieve:

Child Room Inspiration – delivered by Houzz


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