I have mentioned before that in every article I will be sharing something about me and that in this way you will discover who I am and what I like. And this article is no different. Today, if you keep on reading this article, you will discover that I have a real passion for cooking. […]


Although most of my writing these days is done with the help of a keyboard, as you can notice by my articles, I still am and will always appreciate the greatness and permanance of a good fountain pen. Although most of the people that I know today write with a pen or pencil, or mechanical […]

Home Office

Although this article is written well before bedtime, I think that you can forgive me just this once. I got inspired by my bedside table that comes right from the IKEA store in Bucharest, Romania and I wanted to share what more they have to offer in this department. I have selected these pieces from […]


Hello again! This post comes a little late in the day, but in the same time just in time for dinner! And I swear that I did not plan on this. But if it’s time for dinner, then you’re in luck. I come today with a few suggestions for the dinner table and how to […]

Dining Room

This article is all about time and it is about time that you read it. I have searched a bit and found a few unique pieces that can help you keep track of time and organize your day. I have to give credit to the very helpful websites that have helped me make my dream […]


As you may have guessed by this point, being a part-time writer and also having a full-time office job means that I spend most of my days sitting at a desk. And even though not all of my time is spent at my own desk, I thought that it may be time to invest in […]

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Hello there! If you guys thought that I would loose my enthusiasm of this blog in just a couple of days, then you were wrong. And you will see that I plan on sticking to it as much as possible. But in order to do that I will also have a few articles such as […]

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