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As you may or may not know by this point, my jobs and projects involve me writing at a desk almost every single hour of my time. And this means that, besides the fact that I have to do regular exercises every day, which I suggest for anyone who has to sit at a desk for more than a couple of hours a day, I also need a proper desk that can get me inspired, can give me the space I need to perform my tasks and where I can store a few items that I need to keep close.

So this is what the next article will be all about, desks. Now I know that I can spread this subject on so many different categories and subcategories but I wanted to start with something simple. Just present a few of the desks that have caught my eye while I was browsing online and that I may want to own at some future point in time. I hope you enjoy my post and that you may choose to pick one of these for yourself.

Upton Home Red and Espresso Polaris Desk

This is a simple and gorgeous solution for when a small desk is needed, wanted or required. It will also add a dash of color to your home, making it a more warm and cozy environment. This desk goes for 170 dollars or 155 euros and can be found on the Overstock Website » (link)


Cami White 3-drawer Writing Desk

This is a simple, white and conventional desk. The design fits in any space, modern or elegant and the drawers are perfect if you need a little more space for your supplies. Found this one also on the Overstock website and it is worth 320 dollars or 290 euros » (link)


Retro Turquoise and Grey Writing Desk

For those of you more outgoing, who enjoy more than a splash of color in your house, this is the perfect desk for you. With a lovely turquoise color and two side drawers for depositing, this one fits with a retro or modern surrounding. You can buy this desk from the Overstock website for only 250 dollars or 225 euros » (link)


Renate Wood / Metal Office Desk

A combination of wood and metal makes this desk a perfect selection for a more industrial look. With two shelves on either side, you can display your book collections, wooden boxes, works of art or any other piece that you think might fit into this lovely space. You can own this gorgeous piece at 553 dollars or 497 euros on the Overlook website » (link)



This next desk comes right from IKEA and it is the desk I really wanted to get when I moved into my current place. Unfortunately, due to financial restrictions at that time, I had to settle for something else but I remain hoping that one day I will own it. The unique design and wood finish were the elements that conquered me and I am sure that will entice you too. If you with to own this for yourself, you can get it from their online store at 149 dollars or 134 euros » (link)



The next desk also comes from IKEA and due to its solid wood construction painted black and with a pine wood top it will fit any home space. It can be placed with the front or back to the rest of the room and it can be the most imposing piece in your home. You can have this desk for 199 dollars or 179 euros and I can guarantee satisfaction » (link)



This one is a little different but as gorgeous as the rest of them. Still from IKEA, this is known as a laptop table but can be used as a desk and it will give a refreshing and refreshing touch to you home. The small shelf on the right can be used to store your laptop to keep you distraction free or just to store your dear things that need to be kept close in order for you to work properly. And the best part about this desk? You can have it for only 39.99 dollars or 36 euros » (link)


Merritt 2 Drawer Writing Desk in Agate Green

A simple but striking piece of furniture, the Merritt Desk in the color of Agate Green, found on the Wayfair website, will add a touch of warmth to your home, yes although it is a cold color. This desk fits perfectly in my head in a summer home by the sea. A place where you can find peace and quiet and where you can write your thoughts. You can add this desk to your furniture inventory for 199 dollars or 179 euros » (link)


Jenna Writing Desk

It may be the last but it is definitively not least on my list of desks I would like to own. A small and white desk that can also be used as storage due to its two small shelves on the left side and it will fit well in any small opening that you have in the room. If this is your kind of furniture, you can buy it from the Wayfair website at only 130 dollars or 117 euros » (link)


For now I leave you with these picks and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. I may write another post in the future and concentrate on a specific category of desks but for now I just leave you with my favorites and wish you find a fit for you.

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