3 charger plates to complete your Christmas table

Ok. So this article may not be much, but I really wanted to write it and share it with you guys. I have found these three gorgeous accent or charger plates that would be just perfect for your holiday dinner table. With a simple and stylish design, these plates could actually fit any dinner party during the winter period. So you won’t be buying them just for Christmas and then hide them for the rest of the year. This goes a long way when it comes to holiday accent plates and I think it’s a big plus when deciding whether to buy them or not.

But these are as simple as they are gorgeous. Just like what a charger plate is expected to, these plates will pleasantly accentuate your table. However, they will not pull any focus from the true start of the table, which are the dishes themselves. Just use them to make your mark on the holiday evening and enrich your table with some Christmas spirit.

A plate for every month and season…

If you want a cozy winter feeling to join you at the table, then this plate is what you should choose. The cold blue-gray color combined with the snowflakes pattern remind everyone of the chill winter outside. And this will make you appreciate more the hot dishes and warm feeling which you get to enjoy inside.

Via matalan


This next model is a simple and beautiful plate to have and enjoy any time of the year. The simple drawn pined do remind you a bit of the winter season, but who’s to say that you can’t enjoy them during summer as well? This is a very versatile plate and would be a delightful accent to your dinner table.

Via matalan


Lastly we have what I consider to be the plate with the most Christmas spirit of the bunch. And it seems like you don’t need that much in order to give the warm and cozy feeling of this winter holiday. The bright red color of the accents is what stands out here. Always a color that reminds of the winter holidays, this shade of red in combination with the snowflake theme simply screams of Christmas.

Via matalan


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