If you have been following my work for a little while, you may know that I have written a previous article about bunk beds. How they are any child’s dream and how any child would, of course, want to sleep in one. So, if you have two or more kids and want to make their dreams come true, go and check it out right here – “Bunk beds – a child(hood)’s dream“. I promise that they won’t say no. But you may have noticed that I said if you have two or more children. Why? Because if you have just one child, and he wants to sleep in a bunk bed but you have no need for the other bed, I have a clever solution for you. And that solution comes in the form of loft beds.

What are loft beds?

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a loft bed is basically a bunk bed with just the top bunk. The space underneath would usually be covered by the bottom one. But in the case of a loft, it is usually free or cleverly utilized for other purposes. For example storage, work space or other hobbies. You can basically leave your child decide what he or she wants to do with that space. It will make them feel in control and happy to have a special space of their own.

So I made this article with a small selection of several loft beds. I have several that come with desks underneath, if you want your child to have a proper work space. There are some with storage options underneath which I think could be a huge space saver. But I have also added some to the list that have nothing underneath. This is more just to give you or your child the option of creativity. You can use that space however you or your kid wants and coming up with a decision together will be the fun of it. So I will end it at that and hope you find something in the following list that you and your family will like and enjoy.


Photo and product via wayfair


Photo and product via wayfair


Photo and product via wayfair


Photo and product via wayfair









Photo and product via wayfair


Photo and product via wayfair


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