With another day closer to Christmas, I come with another post filled with its spirit, joy and happiness. And this time, I plan on getting you all more involved and into the Christmas spirit with these fun DIY projects. So I won’t prolong the wait any longer and I will tell you now that what I propose in today’s article is that we take care of the Christmas ornaments! And we are not going just to buy them from any old store and bring them home, no sir. We are going to get down and dirty and make our own ornaments that will scream of cheer and joy when your guests see them. Besides this, you can also personalize them in any way you want, ending up with the only tree decorated in your style.


An ornament for every tree…

I’m sure that, just like me, you would all like to have a big and beautiful looking Christmas tree. And I get that. This should not surprise us since we all grew up watching the old TV holiday movies. You show me one of those movies that doesn’t have a large, beautiful, and perfectly decorated tree. Those were the standard as we grew up and what we came to love in terms of Christmas.

But in today’s modern days things have changes. Thus, we are all searching for that not so perfect but rather unique Christmas tree. And in order to find it, we also need the not so perfect ornaments. Therefore, a good idea to have your tree looking particularly gorgeous and personal this year is to make your own decorations. I’m not saying that they should all be made by you. In case you have a rather big tree, this would take a while to finish. But even if you add just a few of your personal and hand-made ornaments, your tree will automatically improve both visually and on a personal level.


Deck the halls with DIY decorations

Today’s first proposed project is what I consider a very personal and kind project. You get to make long-lasting decorations using wood and fabric. And the best part is that there are completely reusable and will keep for many, many years.

Via minted
Via minted


If you got a little more time on your hands, how about trying this project? Get some felt, some string and start building your (not so) perfect miniature trees. They look adorable when hanged on a tree and you get to pick what color your little trees get to be.

Via thisheartofmineblog
Via thisheartofmineblog


For a more bohemian and unconventional Christmas tree, how about hanging arrows? I know it sounds a little strange and weird at first, but give it a shot. After hanging just one of these in your tree you will see the beauty in them and in this project.

Via thoughtsfromalice
Via thoughtsfromalice


A much more simple and basic project would be this one, which involves wood inscription. Here, you get to be as personal as you want, making snowflakes or choosing any other Christmas symbol to carve and hang on your tree. Add a few bits of red string and these will just make your Christmas tree shine even more.

Via designmom


Any Scrabble fans out there? Well, I’m not sure if you will take this as a desecration or as a tribute to the game. You might want to get a few extra pieces for this project, for when you might want to play Scrabble after you’re finished. And don’t you dare cheat and look towards the tree during the game!

Via craftsbyamanada
Via craftsbyamanada


If you or your loved ones love to wander, then this next Christmas ornament might be the right one for you. Make out of a map, this option for decor is a charming tribute and reminder of travel and wanderlust. And this might be the perfect thing to make your Christmas tree actually your own.

Via chiccalifornia
Via chiccalifornia



Today’s featured image comes from condesign at Pixabay.

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