A bed to lay your head and meet a good night’s sleep

Sleep is one of the most important requirements of our lives along with food and water. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t give it the importance it deserves and take it for granted. So, in this article I propose to give this nightly activity a more thorough look and try to improve it, at least from a furniture design point of view.

I have gathered from the internet a few bed concepts, designed especially for their users to have a more restful sleep and peaceful night. With unique shapes and designs, every one of these beds has a unique story. And if you stick a little bit longer, you will be able to read all of them.


 1. Private Cloud Model 1.2

This first concept that we have today for bed design reminds me of the image of a mother holding her child and sitting in a rocking chair. Both that comfort and familiarity can be found in the design of this bed. Built to stand on rocking legs, you can rock your way to sleep every night. For the nights when you’re too tired and just want a good sleep, the legs can be stopped with the help of two blocking frames. These can also be used to set your bed in a more upright position, if you want to watch a movie or read a bit before bed.

Via mkloker


2. Le Beanock

For the lovers of beanbags or hammocks, I have found a new combination that suits you both. The beanock is a wonderful concept combining a hammock and beanbag, which can be suited for an inside or outside environment. This is the perfect bed for summer evenings or if you just want a more playful area indoors. Give in to your child fantasies and have a good rest in what will become your favorite seat in the house.

Via lebeanock


3. Phat Knits

Even though this technically not an actual bed, I wanted to add it to this list because of its unique idea. If you plan or purchasing this product, you would actually purchase a series of giant threads. You can then use these to create your knitted or just tied bed in any shape or form that you like. The versatility of this product was one of the reasons for which I chose to introduce it to you. The other reason being my love for knitting and knitted items in general.

Via baukeknottnerus


4. Enignum VI Canopy Bed – Chatsworth

My next choice of bed has more to do with its design and appearance than with its utility. But this doesn’t mean that it won’t be the perfect choice for your sleeping needs. This bed is created as a work of art. The round carved lines of the frame give it an intimate, sensual and romantic feel, which is completed with the silky white canopy. A perfect choice for a couple’s bedroom or just for the romantic and luxurious side in you.

Via josephwalshstudio


5. Once upon a dream

As I have mentioned at the beginning of the article, with these bed suggestions I want to help you get a better sleep. And with this next bed I can honestly say that I have hit the jackpot. This is not just a simple bed but an entire sleeping experience. This bed comes with an entire new room of its own, containing all the right elements for the perfect good night sleep. Besides the curtain dividing room, you will also be able to take advantage of separate heating, lighting, plant, shape memory foam and even a room divider, which will take away any distractions and let you have the best sleep in your life.

Via mathieulehanneur


6. Letto Fluttua

If you’re a fan of the sleeping on a cloud concept, then we have a perfect choice for you right here. The Letto Fluttua, as named by its designers allows those who sleep on it to defy the laws of gravity. Positioned on one leg with adjustable height, this bed is perfect for both adults and children’s bedroom. Just position it right and you can give the illusion of sleeping on a floating bed which will impress both your family and friends.

Via lago

Today’s featured image comes from Jay Mantri.

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