If you feel like a space in you home is missing something, then an area rug might be just what you need. Now, I have to say that, I am not a carpet fan by any means. And I actually prefer bare floors to any sort of carpet. But area rugs are completely different. And in this article I will tell you not only why that is. But also how you can use these rugs to enrich or tie up the space in your home.

Carpets vs Rugs.

First of all, why is an area rug different from a carpet? The size would be the obvious answer. But even the size matters (in this case). Because it can actually make the difference here. And area rugs have to be of a relatively small size. Because they only have to cover a small area, for different reasons. Be it to protect the floors, to protect your feet, or simply just as a decor piece to tie your design together. But in all of these cases, the original floors have to be the star of the show.

There are also many other factors that differentiate the two. Carpets usually are meant to cover the entire floor of a room or space. And they are also made for wear and tear. Which we can’t say about all area rugs. Because an area rug has to feel and look good. And one of it’s main jobs is completing, or at least adding something to, a design. But again, it all depends on the owners as well. Because some of you may buy an area rug just because it looks good. But some will buy one because they don’t want to step with their feet on the cold floor when they get out of bed. So, you see, there are many ways to and for which you can use this type of rug. And I encourage you to take a look and maybe they will convince you themselves.

Bold, beautiful and brightly colored area rugs…

I gathered a small collection of very colorful area rugs. Which I think you will all appreciate. First because this article is a part of the Color Series. And if you’re here it means that you’re looking for colors. But, secondly, because these rugs simply look gorgeous. They are just like the subtitle mentions, bold, bright and beautiful. And I can say with all my heart that I would fit every one of these into my home. That is, if I had such a big home. But you will understand me when you take a peek at them.

They are all amazingly colored in fun and interesting patterns. They could match a wide range of designs and they will feel amazing against your bare feet. Especially those fluffy ones (you will see which ones I mean from the pictures). So pick one and see how it would fit in your home. All the products can be bought from the links underneath. And most, if not all, of them come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.


Photo and product via wayfair


Photo and product via wayfair


Photo and product via wayfair


Photo and product via wayfair


Photo and product via wayfair


Photo and product via wayfair


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