Autumn / Winter boots you can count on

Autumn / Winter boots you can count on

I’ve recently started pondering about my wardrobe and decided that it’s, sadly, time to grow up. And by this, I don’t mean stop playing around or being responsible. Don’t get me wrong. I just though that my wardrobe seems to be a little too young. I have to shamefully admit that I had not had a good pair of autumn / winter boots for a very long time. So, I decided to do something about it.

And here is the result, besides the latest (and only) pair of boots in my wardrobe. This article, like many others on this website, is an inspiration from my real life and my real purchases. Therefore, it is only normal that I should share with you my joy and hope that you find the same joy in these product lists. I can admit that, even though I do not own all of the products I list in on my blog, I would buy every single one of them. I always post only things I like and which I would seriously buy. And this is true for today’s products as well.

So let’s get back to our boots and let me tell you a bit about them. Just like I’ve mentioned before, these boots will be awesome for the Autumn / Winter seasons. I have picked every one of them and, as you can see, they are all similar.

What I enjoy most when it comes to shoes is simplicity. I don’t like lots of shapes and patterns or too much dazzle when it comes to my shoes. However, I do appreciate the small details. And you will be able to notice that in a few of these pieces. I enjoy when my shoes have laces rather than zippers, but when it’s part of the shoe as a detail, I love it. And some of these boots will also catch your attention with an amazing surprise. They can be worn both up and down and you will look amazing in both cases.


Photo and product via spool72


Photo and product via trendyoak


Photo and product via spool72


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Photo and product via sorel



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