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  • 15 Child Room Examples to get you inspired | via Houzz

    Today I want to get you excited about your child’s room. Because I consider that just because this space is mostly used by the child, that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautifully designed. And I have in today’s article just 15 exampled of child room design that I promise you will die for! But don’t […]

  • If you can’t keep the order, make the clutter disapear!

    So this article started as targeted towards children’s rooms. And I thought that it was a good idea to introduce you to a few boxes in which you or your kids can keep their toys. Instead of leaving them all around the house. But while I was thinking of writing this, I thought that I […]

  • The piggy bank that will make you save money

    I remember the first piggy bank that I ever had. First of all, because I still have it and use it all the time. And second of all because I also never had any other piggy banks beside it. Because I took care of the one I owned as I knew best. And I cherish […]

  • Let these rocking chairs rock your world!

    All of the products featured in today’s article come from the wonderful Land of Nod. And no, I am not kidding, that is the actual name of the store. Brilliant, isn’t it? I thought so too. I was randomly checking out rocking chairs, which was my initial idea for an article. But then I discovered this […]

  • Educational children’s toys that will make a great Christmas present

    Even though I don’t have children of my own yet, I know how important education can be. And, as a side note, I would like to thank my parents this way for giving me what I consider to be a great one. But I also understand that a good education has to start from a […]

  • 5 loft beds for your child’s bedroom

    If you have been following my work for a little while, you may know that I have written a previous article about bunk beds. How they are any child’s dream and how any child would, of course, want to sleep in one. So, if you have two or more kids and want to make their […]

  • One little indian…with a teepee tent to match | DIY

    Hello guys. I am very excited to bring you today the first post of the Child Room category. That’s right, we are going to start sharing inspiration and ideas for children’s rooms from now on, so be prepared and keep an eye on us! This post was inspired by some very dear friends and their […]

  • Bed Sheets for your child (and his/her room)

    We all know that, as a child, you can basically get anything you want. And no matter the reasons or motives of your parents, they would always try in the end to get you what you wanted. So, we could say that childhood is the perfect time to have preferences about the things you get […]

  • Bunk beds – a child(hood)’s dream

    The first time that I slept in a bunk bed was during a weekend summer camp that I went on with my sister. It was her school field trip and I was lucky to go along (even though she may have hated that) and I also got sleep in the top bunk. But as I […]