Category: Garden

  • Plant Stands for your darling | house plants

    Today we are going to focus a bit on some of the most important beings in my life at the moment. And no, this will not be a story about my family or friends. This will be a story about my beautiful and newly acquired plants. And how I discovered that I needed a lot […]

  • Swing back to your childhood!

    Some of my dearest childhood memories involve summers at my grandparents, playing with the neighborhood kids and letting the day pass by as I hanged around in the outdoor swing. I’m sure that all of us have this sort of memories which we cherish and grow more fond of with each year that passes by. […]

  • A weekend getaway just outside your door!

    Even though it’s Friday, I believe that there is still plenty of time to plan a weekend getaway. But how can you plan something so big in so little time? Well, I’m glad you asked. I want to show you that a weekend getaway can be represented by much more than just an expensive trip. The weekend getaway […]