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  • Area Rugs | Color Series | Rainbow Road

    If you feel like a space in your home is missing something, then an area rug might be just what you need. Now, I have to say that, I am not a carpet fan by any means. And I actually prefer bare floors to any sort of carpet. But area rugs are completely different. And […]

  • Wayfair Pots and Planters | house plants

    Today I am sharing with you an old subject inside a new article. It is not the first time that I will share with you some gorgeous pots and planters for your beautiful house plants. But it is the first time that this entire collection will be from the wonderful Wayfair website. In case you […]

  • Area Rugs | Color Series | Blue

    Here we are to another article from the color series. This time we are going to dig among several blue area rugs to find that perfect one for your home. And I really mean it. Because, as much as I love writing these articles, I am also writing these for all of you. And I hope […]

  • Area rugs | ColorSeries | Yellow

    Hello and welcome to another Color Series for you and your home. I hope you enjoyed my previous series, which was all about colorful dinnerware, and that it brightened up your dining room. In this series, we are going to focus on more than one part of the home. Because when it comes to area […]