In my opinion, one of the most overlooked accessories in our everyday wardrobe is the wallet. And this should come as a bit of a surprise. Especially if we stop and think that we actually use our wallets almost every single day of our lives. And sometimes even multiple times in a single day. So why are we taking them for granted? Well, maybe because we see them more in a practical way rather that a piece that could compliment out outfit or and object that could show off our personality. But this is where we are wrong. We should take advantage of this opportunity and think that as long as we use these accessories on a regular basis, we should at least pay more attention to them. Or have others pay more attention to us, through them.

Therefore, I decided to dedicate this article to this humble accessory and show you just how powerful it can be. If you have been guilty of overlooking this piece so far, you will think twice before choosing and buying your next one. So I wanted to give you a hand and help you pick as your next wallet one that will showcase both you and your personality.


Book Cover Literary Wallet

And we start the list of with a lovely way of displaying your literary favorites. I think this is a wonderful idea for a wallet and a good way to show off your favorite book. Turn the bright and beautiful covers of your favorite novel into an everyday companion. And in return, that companion will be sure to keep your valuables safe throughout the day. To make it even more personal and unique, you also have a selection of buttons to choose from. This will be the closing mechanism for your wallet. And out of the many choices that you have there should be at least one to serve as your favorite.

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Personalized Leather Engraved Wallet

Going almost to the other extreme, comparative to the first choice of this list, our next contender awaits. Offering a simple, slick, and gorgeous design, this wallet can be considered to thread on the minimalist side. But don’t think for a moment that there is nothing more to it. Looking at the picture, we can see a unique signature in the bottom right corner of each wallet. This is a way for you to personalize the product and make it your own. First you choose the design you most like out of the 16 available options. After that, just mention in the request which initials, or maybe what other design, you would like to have engraved. And in this way, you will end up with a personal and unique wallet to have for yourself. Or maybe offer it as a thoughtful gift to someone special.

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Personalized Money Clip Wallet

And we move on to another wonderful example of simplicity in design. I pondered for a moment and thought if I should or should not include this one on the list. But I decided that any wallet that had a unique factor should be included. So be assured, this is no ordinary wallet, as you may also notice from the picture. With this wallet I loved both the simplicity and the attention to details. I love that you can choose the color of the lining. Not only that, but the design, which is a combination of both wallet and money clip, is truly unique and rarely encountered. At your request, the creator can also add initials or inscriptions in the same lining color of your choice.

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Map of NC Women’s Wallet

And finally we have a gorgeous wallet fit for daring and chic women. I would like to think that this wallet would be loved by the type of girl who likes “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Why? Because with the help of this wallet you can keep that special place not only in your hearts but also in your purse. If you are the kind of person that forms a special attachment to a places, be it cities, countries or even continents, this is the wallet for you. You can have the map of your choice painted on the front and back of the wallet. And this can also work even if you travel a lot, whether it’s by choice or not. Because you will always be able to carry your home with you, wherever you go.

Via etsy
Via etsy


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Via etsy



Today’s featured image comes from Pixabay.

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