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Next up in my Rainbow Series of articles comes the bright and beautiful color of orange. For those of you unfamiliar with this new series I will explain it in just a few words. I have dedicated this series to brighten up and bringing some color into your homes. And I shall do this by sharing with you a series of wonderful and colorful dinnerware. I hope that by the end of this series of articles you will find a favorite and end up with a gorgeous set of new dinnerware. And if you like the sets in this article, I encourage you to check out the rest of the series.

Orange you glad?












So today we will talk about orange. Not the fruit, but the color. And before we get to the actual dinnerware I want to tell you a bit about it. First of all we can say that orange is the color best known to make an impact. And this is because this color is associated in the United States and Europe mostly with eccentricity, frivolity, and entertainment in general. But not only that, it is also a very bold and noticeable color, which is why it is used for important road signs and reflecting vests or suits.

However, in Asia, the color of orange has a much higher status. Because the people in that part of the world, the color of orange comes not from the fruit. To them, this color is more associated with the saffron plant. And being the finest and most expensive of dies, it normally passed its status to the color. But not only that. The color is also highly regarded from a religious point of view. This color is believed to be the color or transformation. And this is mainly because it results out of the combination of red and yellow, which represent light and fire. Orange is also one of the most commonly known colors to be worn by holy men and monks all around Asia.

Bold, bright and not boring!

Even if we take a look at what type of foods are orange there is a pattern. No boring ingredients are orange. We have saffron, pumpkins, peaches, mango, carrots, etc. These all stand out as ingredients and we can’t say about a single one that it is not delicious. So what conclusion can we take from this? Orange doesn’t mean boring.


Product and photo via overstock


Photo and product via overstock


Product and photo via overstock


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Product and photo via wayfair


Photo and product via overstock



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