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Here we are, ladies and gentlemen, at the last article of the Rainbow Series. Featuring the unique and always stunning purple color. It was a fun and happy ride for me. It was a challenge to keep going with it but a delight to discover all the things along the way. But, more than anything, I hope you have enjoyed it. Because this series and all of the articles that I write are written for your benefit. So I honestly hope that you enjoy my work. And, please, feel free to contact me with any requests or comments regarding my website.

Purple rain, purple rain

If you’ve read the previous article, with the blue dinnerware, you may remember that I mentioned having a tough time choosing the final products. Unfortunately, this time it was different. Apparently, the purple color is not very popular when it comes to dinnerware. And I was a little disappointed to find that out. But after checking up on it and discovering a bit about its symbolism, I kind of understand why.

In some countries of the world, the color purple is a sign of royalty. Due to having been very popular with Roman Emperors. But even the British Royal Family and other such Royalties of Europe still keep this color stored for special occasions. And it is also a color associated with the faith of the Catholic Church, representing piety, faith, and penitence. Nothing bad so far. But, in the eyes of people who don’t associate this color with Royalty or Religion, purple is not very innocent.

Many consider this color to represent vanity or extravagance. Or to represent materialism and artificial beauty. These are not very good things to associate with a color. But, nonetheless it is so. Of course, these significations were more powerful in the old decades, today loosing a bit of their importance. And this mainly due to all the extroverted and daring people who don’t care about what others think. This way of life has lead us to be able to wear and like whatever colors we choose, without any judgement, as long as we wear them well. So go ahead and choose your purple dinnerware, if it’s your choice!

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Photo and product via overstock


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Photo and product via hayneedle


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