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Hello everyone and welcome to another one of my Rainbow Series articles. I am glad to have you all here with me. Because, today we will be focusing on the bright and shinning color of yellow. But, for those of you who have landed on this article first, let me explain. The Rainbow Series consists of a number of articles that I have dedicated in order to bring more color into your life and home. And I plan on doing this by introducing you to an entire collection of colorful dinnerware. But I will do this one color at a time. Thus, you are able to choose your favorite colors and dinnerware accordingly. Of course, I encourage anyone to check out the entire series. Because you may never know when you discover a new favorite color.

Bright yellow

So let’s get to the color at hand and talk a bit about yellow. When it comes to symbolism, this color doesn’t have too many associations. But it actually is straight to the point. If we take a look at how yellow is seen in different cultures, a few common interpretations result. First of all, yellow is seen as the color that represents light. This resulting from the fact that we, see the sun’s light as a yellowish color with the naked eye. So it is normal to associate it with light and warmth. It is also known as the color of happiness, optimism and amusement.

But it’s not all fun and games, no, no, no. Because yellow is also considered to be the color of betrayal and jealousy. Another impressive association is with the concept of wealth. Because it is the color of gold, the color yellow has always been associated with good fortune and wealth. And, consequently it is also associated with virtue and nobility.

But it really doesn’t matter what this color represents in your book. The main point is that, as a part of your home and kitchen, this color is sure to stand out. And bring, if nothing else, a little bit of sunshine and brightness to any room. So why not pick the color yellow to share a bit of happiness and joy with your guests at dinner time?


























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