Desk Lamps with a different kind of design

Desk Lamps with a different kind of design

I have written about desk lamps before. And, even though that is not my best article up to this point, I’ll leave it here in case you want to check it out – I’m here to brighten your home, one lamp at a time. So, some might say that I am repeating myself with today’s article. But I would beg to differ. First of all, since my website is dedicated to home decor and design in general, it is normal that I will write articles on repeating subjects. That only comes with the decision of writing about one single subject.

And, second of all, I can actually prove to you that I will not be repeating myself with today’s article. But you will just have to find that for yourselves by going through it until the end. So, now that I have you hooked, let’s talk about…

More than just Desk Lamps

Because in today’s article I have chosen to introduce you to some unique products. And yes, they are all desk lamps. But they are not usual in any way. I would like to think that all of these are gorgeous examples of what you can do when you put a little more thought into what you do. Because they all must have ended up from some amazingly creative minds. By utilizing materials in a totally unexpected way, the designers of these lamps have gone off the grid, as one would say. They have reinterpreted the normal idea of a table lamp and redesigned it with a huge wow factor added. And I think that I have talked (written, actually) enough about these products. I’ll better leave you to see and judge for yourselves.

Hardwick Rope 29 | Desk Lamps
Hardwick Rope 29″ Desk Lamp

VERSANORA Piccola 8.7 | Desk Lamps
VERSANORA Piccola 8.7″ Desk Lamp

Williston Forge Audie 29 | Desk Lamps
Williston Forge Audie 29″ Desk Lamp

Wade Logan Quitman Plank 17.25 | Desk Lamps
Wade Logan Quitman Plank 17.25″ Desk Lamp

23 Desk Lamp border=
23″ Desk Lamp

Studio Designs LED Bar 37.25 | Desk Lamps
Studio Designs LED Bar 37.25″ Desk Lamp

Three Hands Co. Metal LED 15 | Desk Lamps
Three Hands Co. Metal LED 15″ Desk Lamp

Cole & Grey Metal Wire 26 | Desk Lamps
Cole & Grey Metal Wire 26″ Desk Lamp

Varaluz Lit-Mesh Test 22.25 | Desk Lamps
Varaluz Lit-Mesh Test 22.25″ Desk Lamp

Three Hands Co. Metal LED 9.5 | Desk Lamps
Three Hands Co. Metal LED 9.5″ Desk Lamp


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