As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I enjoy everything related to interior design. And this also applies to its rules and guidelines. From what you can and should do to what you can’t and should never ever do. So this is why I started the series of infographic articles. And there are plenty that I have and want to share with you. With the help of the visual aids, infographics can make any rule of the interior design world seem easy to understand and realize.

Therefore, I decided that this would be a fun way to help those interested in this field get a little more into it. Try and understand the rules, take into account the guidelines and stay away from the no no’s. If you really want you, why not save all these infographics somewhere so you can always have them at hand? They will really come in handy at one point or another and you will thank me in the end.

But enough with the talk. Let’s see how today’s inforgraphic show us the do’s and don’ts of this field. Simple enough to understand and fun enough to memorize. I leave you with today’s inforgraphic:


Infographic via creativelydifferentblinds
Infographic via creativelydifferentblinds


Today’s featured image comes from Pixabay.


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