A fireplace history – “the heart of the home”

A fireplace history – “the heart of the home”

Outside is cold and snowing. So I decided to bring a little warmth into your homes through a beautiful and insightful infographic. But this infographic doesn’t cover just any old subject. For today I have chosen to share with you the history of the fireplace. Now, you will understand my “bringing warmth into you homes” pun a little better. And even if you don’t have a fireplace, I bet that no one of us could say no to a cozy, warm, and relaxing evening in front of one. Come on, we’ve all seen those movies.

But let’s get back to our article and stop dreaming, for a little while. I found this infographic to be very insightful when it comes to this particular subject. We are taken through the years starting with the invention of the fireplace and its purpose. We discover the different designs and purposes that it had over the years and how it evolved from a basic “fire in the middle of your living room” to today’s modern versions.

Today, with central heating and other modern options, the fireplace has become more of a symbol rather than a necessity. But it can still bring warmth and a feeling of welcome into your home. To this day it is still considered to be the heart of any house. And this is mainly due to the heat that it produces. But also because, as you will read below, the fireplace room was where the family used to be gather. They would spend evenings in front of the roaring fire and spend time together. And at that point it also became a symbol of the family – the heart of the home.


Infographic via visual.ly

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