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Today’s products are dedicated especially to the geeks out there! But I’m sure that all of you will find them interesting and will appreciate their innovative and unique design. Inspired by board games, video games and some of the most popular movies in the geek universe, these pieces have been born out of inspiration and will bring the inspiration to you.

Even if you are not into the whole gaming scene, I am sure that you will find these pieces to be a fun and interesting add to any room. Any of these can be your next unique and lovely accent piece and you can buy or build them yourself.


First up we have a wonderful shelving unit inspired by the old but still popular and well known game of Tetris. Made out of wood with a colorful painted interior, this piece can become the talk of your entire home and it fits anywhere from the kitchen to the living room and even in the bedroom. Another big plus for this type of furniture is that, due to the versatility of the individual shelves, you can arrange them in any form and shape.

Via handyman

Gaming table:

This piece is not only gorgeous looking and stunning on itself but also it is fully functional! You can can actually use it to play video games and have fun or you can simply keep it as a simple table and impress your friends with its design.

Via etsy


This time, inspiration comes from the the ever popular character and game of Pac-Man. This gorgeous yellow seat is designed and resembles the character exactly and it is a fully functional seat. This can be fun for both a child’s room or a wonderful room filled with video game memorabilia. Add a carpet with a pacman map themed pattern and you have the perfect conversation subject and area.

Via behance


But of course, we don’t forget Luigi. These fun shelves are a wonderful addition to you child’s room so that he can store his toys or other precious things. If you’re been on the internet long enough you have also seen that there are ideas for you to transform your entire home into a Mario universe. But if you want to take the easy route this time, you just need this shelf and you are done!

Via neatorama

Star Wars:

This is a dream come true and a classic idea for any true Star Wars fan. The desk is, of course, the representation of Han Solo trapped in carbonite, a classic and amazing scene from the Empire Strikes Back. This is part of the first trilogy and I’m sure that the older fans will appreciate it a little bit more than the younger fans. But I trust all of you, youngsters, and I believe that you will enjoy and appreciate this too.

Via tomspinadesigns


How about a life size game of scrabble? And I’m not talking of the small board game. This design from Stephen Reed is a life size version of the game, with the tile racks being the benches and the pillows representing the tiles. Mix and match the letters however you want and greet your guests with all the kind words you want them to hear, or read in this case.

Via stephenreed

Floppy Disk:

Another piece of furniture that is here to remind us of the simpler times, is this design recreation of the floppy disk. Besides having a wonderful design and looking really interesting, this table also has a practical function, the silver part acting just as it did on a floppy disk and opening a hidden container where you can store the remote or other objects you may need at hand.

Via floppytable

Donkey Kong:

Last but not least, we have a true classic and a pioneer of the classic video games. Even though today it may not be as popular or well known on the internet, this game will still remain a classic for the true connoisseurs and, if I may say so, it would make for a wonderful style of shelves in any home.

Via igorchak



Today’s featured image comes from Kaboompics.

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