Get high on these heels!

Get high on these heels!

I am going to a wedding today and I am very excited to share an article with you on this very day! But with all my excitement and delight for this day I have to admit that it has not been a total breeze up until this day (and to think that I was just a guest at this wedding). So, I normally don’t go too crazy about weddings and I try to enjoy my time as much as possible. But this event is particularly difficult because it will be the first time that I will wear heels.

And no, I am not talking about heels at a wedding or at a party. It is with shame that I admit that it will be the first time that I will wear heels. I have not worn heels in public up until this day and I have been “training” for this ever since I got bought my heels for this wedding, which was about 2 weeks ago. So, I guess that I could have written this article back then, because that was actually when I was searching for my first pair of heels. But I decided to let this article be one of the best memories of the wedding and enjoy reading about it after years have passed.


Even though I was never very into wearing heels that doesn’t mean that I haven’t formed an opinion regarding them. And since I often browse the internet for clothes, I have also saved a few gorgeous pairs of heels just in case I would need them for the future. I discovered that when it comes to heels, I like simple designs that put the feet and legs into the spotlight. I also enjoy small elements that shine through the design and make the shoes stand out in a dashing and flattering way.

This first pair of heels seems just like taken off of a doll. I believe these shoes have both a delicate and strong design that can go with anything from a tulle skirt to your favorite pair of jeans. If you’re the kind of person that wears heels often, you can wear this to the office, on a date or even to a dashing party. The color is also very lady-like and I believe that it will fit perfectly with a fun and feminine personality.

Via sanrense


This next shoe is the perfect example of less is more and simple is better. I also love the combination of a simple tan shoe that simply blends in with the feet and makes the natural shape of the leg stand out. Pair with a gorgeous A-line skirt or tight dress and you will end up with a gorgeous outfit out of the get go.


Via shop.nordstrom


I discovered that I also have a thing for laced up closed heels. I see them as a more elegant version of a boot and they can also be worn during any season and time of the year. These look very stylish in back and, as we all know, black goes with everything. So there isn’t any reason for you not to buy this pair.


Via luulla


This pair I have to admit that unless I win the lottery I may not may buy. But I love the elegant straps surrounding the foot that just seem like make out of silk. Completing this elegant and delicate look comes the thin and beautiful heel that may be a bit of a challenge to walk on, especially for someone like me, but will look gorgeous on any woman. In order to fit all of your outfit needs, this pair comes in three colors of red, black and white and I can vouch that every one of these looks better than the other.


Via shop.nordstrom


Now, we come to my absolute favorite pair of shoes of this list. Even though this pair would fit better into the category of boots than high heels, I will add them to the list since they have a pretty significant heel and they look gorgeous. These not only look elegant and beautiful but they also seem to be a very comfortable way to wear a proper heel. Perfectly fit, especially for a cooler environment, these would be the perfect pair of shoes to me that would make me feel both like myself while still introducing me a bit more into the world of elegance and femininity.


Via nanamacs



Today’s featured image comes from Pixabay.

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