Hey guys, it’s me.

Hey guys, it’s me.

You don’t know who I am right now but I’m sure that if you keep reading or following this website you will figure me out. In this article I am going to start you off with a little something. Just so you don’t start this journey completely blind. It’s not going to be all about me. This blog, or website, is going to be about me telling stories.

Because this is what I like to do. And I do this on a daily basis in a variety of ways. From talking to people or writing stories to cooking or taking pictures. I try my best to tell a story through everything and anything that I do. So, we could say that this blog was born from my desire to share my stories. And it is going to be my main platform of sharing them with you. Therefore, I really hope you enjoy most of the things that I will say and do. And feedback will always be appreciated.

A bit of a backstory

So let me explain in a little more detail about what you can expect to find on this website. Because I really want you to understand what I am doing this and why. This website is basically going to be like my dream home to me. From here we have the name.

Usually I will post about things that I buy for myself or my home and which I highly recommend. We could even call it a review, if we use the term a little broader. But most of the times you will also see me post about things that I find online or in different shops during my day to day life. It will be kind of a wishlist if you may. And these products will be anything that you can find inside your home, including closet or personal accessories that I find and like.

Now, I’m not saying that everyone or even all of you that will get to see or read this blog have the same tastes as me. Please do not get that idea. But I just wanted to have a place where I can share my findings with all of you. And since I don’t have all of you as friends on Facebook, here is my solution. But I also wanted to keep the range of things that I share in a bit of a range, so that I kept from going too crazy with this. And where else to keep all of my favorite stuff than inside my home?

So, please, feel free to browse around and check out anything that stirs your interest. Or let me be the guide and give you a tour around (my) home!