As an interior design enthusiast, I find it very interesting to observe the home trends of other cultures. This also including home improvement, redecoration, redesign, etc. And today we are going to refer to the United States. And having grown up in an Eastern European country, the culture of the North American country is really fascinating to observe. I’m not talking about their history, museums, or arts. I am talking about their homes, the design of their homes, their lifestyles and the small daily habits that anyone can relate to. Because this is what makes cultures unique, different and special. It’s about the things that we all do on a daily basis, but each population in its own way.

But let me explain a bit. Since I was a child I started to notice small differences between the European and North American cultures. I first noticed these in movies and shows that I would see on TV. And it struck odd to me when I would see something as simple as making the bed to be different there. For example, it was fascinating to discover that north Americans used things such as duvets and covers and comforters to make their bed. Not to mention that they also have extra pillows just for decor. And this is just one simple example of how they are different in this simple everyday routine.


So, getting back to today’s infographic, we are going to take a look at home improvement. A little more specific, at what people from the United States prefer in terms of home improvements. And even though it is not a very extensive research, it’s still very insightful and fun to read. Can you guess in which cities people like to redecorate or remodel their homes? Or what about what room they prefer remodeling first and foremost? Just take a peek at the following infographic and you will get to know all of these and more.


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