We, girls are suckers for flowers. And I can admit that, even thought I am not the most feminine type, I see myself falling into this category every now and again. So we like flowers, what can be wrong about that? Absolutely nothing. But with today’s waste and disregard towards nature, I think that we should tone it down a bit and start planting more than collecting. So here’s an idea. If you love a flower so much, instead of ripping an entire bouquet that you’ll have only for a few days, how about having a piece of jewelery that will keep even just one flower alive and beautiful forever?

In my search for articles for my little online home here, I have found a gorgeous website that wonderfully sums up the idea above and that I want to share with you. The website is entitled Modern Flower Child and it is the work of a single woman, wife and mother. She mentions on the website that these creations are all done by her hands from conception to finished product and I have to commend her for this. I think that all of the products are astonishing, especially their level of detail and it seems like hard word to be done by just two hand working hands.


Via modernflowerchild


via modernflowerchild


Via modernflowerchild


So, I have mentioned that the bracelets are hand made. As you can clearly see, these exquisite pieces seem to be just ripped out of nature and ready to be worn by you. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of the bright and bold colors of flowers, you enjoy the green and natural look of leafs, the rough and daring earth tones of tree trunks or the calming and subtle colors of sea shells. On the website you’ll find inspirations from all of these elements and you will be able to wear them with you wherever you go.


Via modernfowerchild


Via modernflowerchild


Via modernflowerchild


I have to say that I find this to be a wonderful idea for something to treat yourself with or to buy for someone special as a gift or as a simple attention to show them how much you care. Get them their favorite flower and make it a memory that lasts forever. This is also kind of the perfect gift for the special woman in your life since it combines two of their favorite things: flowers and jewelry. How can you go wrong?


Via modernflowerchild


Via modernflowerchild


By the way, did I mention that you can also find pendants and earings on the website besides bracelets? Must have slipped my fingers. I have two gorgeous photos below with my favorite pendants on the website. But to see more of them and also the earrings you will have to go and see for yourself right at the source. I consider all the pieces to be beautiful and the work involved in making them makes them even more special. Since they are made by hand, I’ve learned that it usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to complete just one piece, but I can assure you that it is totally worth it. The small and insignificant imperfections that result from having them made by hand are just another feature that makes these pieces the more unique and beautiful.


Via modernflowerchild


Via modernflowerchild


All of today’s photos, including the featured image, come from the ModernFlowerChild website. I do not own any of them and I offer my appreciation and thanks to the website’s owner for all her work and talent. 

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