I find industrial design to be one of the most appropriate design styles for the kitchen. How so? Because it is simple and straight to the point, while still having an edge and unique beauty about it. And this is exactly what we need inside a kitchen. Nothing useless, extra, or anything that could take up space for nothing. If there is one room inside your home where you should try to go minimalist, this is it.

I am speaking, of course, from the point of view of a cooking enthusiast. Or someone who spends at least a few hours every day inside their kitchen. So I could say that I am familiar with its struggles. Maybe not all of them. But, I definitely know what it is like to cook in an inappropriately organized kitchen. So it is my honest opinion that the kitchen should be kept as neat as possible. And eliminating any extra clutter or spaces where clutter might gather would be a start.

And this is one of the highlights when it comes to industrial design. It gives you the change of a gorgeous design, that includes beautiful details and elements. But it also combines very well with the minimalist theme. And as a result, you can end up with a much more simple and organized space overall.

Industrial Kitchen Design – via Houzz


So here are my favorite examples of industrial design. They all come from the website – Houzz – which I recommend to any design enthusiast. And feel free to let me know what do you think about these design examples. Or share any other you may like with us through out comment section.


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