Lady Letters – a gift wrapping paper

Hello there! If you guys thought that I would loose my enthusiasm of this blog in just a couple of days, then you were wrong. And you will see that I plan on sticking to it as much as possible. But in order to do that I will also have a few articles such as this one. A simple, short, and to the point article about wrapping paper.

So, first of all, to give you a little insight, I love wrapping paper. And I can’t stand but share it when I find a beautiful pattern. Therefore, be prepared to encounter more and more articles in which I simply share with you products that I find randomly and love. Including wrapping paper.

Lady Letters – love for gift wrapping paper

Today I bring you Lady Letters, which is the name I chose to give to this pattern. I found this gorgeous wrapping paper inside a bookstore that I used to work in. I still go and visit now and then but only as a customer in search of presents and gorgeous books. The library is known as Carturesti and it is part of a chain of Romanian based libraries. You can find them in many of the major Romanian cities, but I’ll come with details and more information in another post.

So, I was just there buying a present. And a very cool feature of this chain is that they will gift wrap any product you buy from them for free. This is not something you find easily in other stores. More so, they always have a large variety of wrapping paper that you can choose from. And the patterns are almost always unique, new and their very own creations. So, I highly recommend you visit them next time you are in the country and want to buy a present for someone dear.

But, getting back on track. The following pattern or model of gift wrapping paper really caught my eye when I was selecting which one I liked. From the lovely background colors, which you can notice are placed in a checkers pattern, to the wonderfully designed letters and to the brilliant and beautiful characters drawn with each letter. All of these elements come beautifully together to make what I can only describe, with the shame of repeating myself, as lovely, beautiful, creative, unique, gorgeous. And if you don’t believe me, just check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.


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