Even though you may not have noticed this up until this point, keeping a neat and organized bathroom can be a tricky thing to do if you don’t have the proper help. And if there is a room in your home that needs more than any other to be kept clean and squeaky, this is it.

The bathroom is the place where we clean ourselves and so, it is only normal that it should be a clean and organized place itself. So, the cleaning part I leave it up to you, because I am sure you can handle it. But I can give you a hand with the organization part. And how am I supposed to do this? By showing you a few lovely, fun, elegant and stylish bathroom accessories ensembles that will get you one step closer to that remodeling job that you have been secretly planning.


Simple, black and white, classic and yet modern. These are the words that come to mind when thinking of describing this first ensemble of bathroom accessories. This can offer your bathroom a clean and modern look and make it even appear more clean and organized even if it gets a little messy sometimes.

Via bedbathandbeyond


This second ensemble I have chosen because… just look at how cute it is! I’ve always appreciated the combination of grey and white and consider it to be a good and clean look for any room of the house. Add to this the wonderful and charming elements of this sea theme with the boats and whales representation and you got me hooked! I know what I’m adding to my Pinterest wishlist.

Via bedbathandbeyond


If you’d rather go for a touch more of elegance in your bathroom, then I would suggest going with this next style of accessories. Besides the amazing combination of this dark mat color with its antique bronze finish, the shape and details of these pieces will turn your bathroom into a real throne room, if you will allow me this pun.

Via bedbathandbeyond


This set I have chosen mainly for this color, even though on the website you can find it in several color options. I am a sucker for colors and tend to be a little pretentious when choosing them in my home, because I notice every shade of color and, in my book, they have to match . This particular color makes me picture a sunny day with clear sky, white sandy beach, faded color beach towels, brightly colored swimsuits and cold ice cream dripping on my hands. So now you know what I enjoy this set in particular.

Via bedbathandbeyond


For a more classic, neutral and even rustic look, we have this next set. With nickel accents and clear glass, this set is nothing less than straight forward. What you see is what you get, literally! This would be a very nice add to a simple and classic designed bathroom, to which it can add a touch of elegance and maybe even an antique feel.

Via bedbathandbeyond


Did I hear you wanted to go to the beach house for the summer? Then you must not forget this adorable set of bathroom accessories, perfect for that small, family house, right on the beach. You can have one or all of them and, if you follow the link and check out the website, you can even add shower curtains or bath towels to match. This is the perfect way to bring the beach even more into your house and keep the vacation going.

Via bedbathandbeyond


We move on to lovely patterns and gorgeous color combinations with this next set. A tribal pattern combined with the representations of geckos and turtles, not to mention the perfect combination of black, white and orange, makes this set an awesome add to any bathroom. If you ever thought that you bathroom decor was too plain, then these pieces would be the perfect way to make that feeling go away.

Via bedbathandbeyond


I’ve saved one of the most interesting pieces for last. This set has really an eye catching design that will stand out in your bathroom. You can add or simply enhance the elegance of your bathroom with these wonderful colors and patterns and I can assure you that they will not go unnoticed.

Via bedbathandbeyond



Today’s featured image comes from Unsplash.

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