Let these rocking chairs rock your world!

All of the products featured in today’s article come from the wonderful Land of Nod. And no, I am not kidding, that is the actual name of the store. Brilliant, isn’t it? I thought so too. I was randomly checking out rocking chairs, which was my initial idea for an article. But then I discovered this beautiful land of nod, a home furniture store that focuses on children’s rooms and products. Which I found to be incredibly charming and a pleasure to browse around. So be aware that you will be seeing more articles from this store as I discover more of what they have to offer and what I want to add on my wishlist.

So let’s talk about rocking chairs. Who out there has a memory of them? (let me know in the comments if you do) I, personally, didn’t encounter a rocking chair until I grew up and saw them mainly in films and TV shows, to be honest. But I always considered the concept of the rocking chair to be something special. Because they are tied usually to the idea of mothers who sit in them with their babies or elderly people with their grandchildren. So I did my own little associations from this. And now, when I look at a rocking chair I think of the feeling you get from caring for someone special.

But not only that, I also get nostalgic. Because the rocking of the chair, although not directly, reminds me of when my mother would carry me in her arms and rock me from side to side to comfort me. And that little memory from childhood is enough to make me want to buy this chair not only for me but for my future children as well.

Design from the Land of Nod

Getting a bit more into the design area, I have to say that I was really impressed with these pieces. Each and every single chair in this list has a unique design and concept that I love. From their simplicity to their practicality and to their beauty, everything is in place. And it’s right there for us to take advantage of. The designers have managed to somehow keep the nostalgia of old rocking chairs and their memories and feelings and combine them with modern features. And this is what makes these chairs great.  I can see them in the past, in my grandparents home used by them while reading to me. I can see them in the present being used by me to write this article. But I can also see them in the future, with me using them to comfort my children or grandchildren.

And to me, this is and important part in any piece of furniture. The fact that I can associate it with any part of my life, and I can make it fit. I know it belongs there as much as I do. And while ok, I can’t and won’t own all of the rocking chairs below, I would honestly love to own any one of them. And I hope you will feel the same way after taking a closer look at them. If you want to, try and make them a part of your life and see if they fit.


Everly Rocking Chair

Photo and product via landofnod


Bakersfield Rocking Chair

Photo and product via landofnod


Springwood Rocking Chair

Photo and product via landofnod


Classic Wooden Rocking Chair

Photo and product via ladofnod


Neo Rocking Chair

Photo and product via landofnod


Joya Rocking Chair

Photo and product via landofnod



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