Let’s set our own (bedside) table

Today’s article is another inspiration of my life. And I have noticed for a good while that the place where I am currently living doesn’t have a nightstand on my side of the bed. And yes, I can admit that this is not a big problem but in the evenings when I go to bed it can get a tiny bit frustrating. So, I decided to improvise and set my board games boxes stacked up and put what i need, such as my Kindle or my phone or my glasses, right next to me.

And since I managed to improvise a fast and simple solution inside my home, I decided to look up and get inspired by a few more interesting ideas. And to my delight, I managed to find quite a few interesting DIY ideas of how to improvise or make your own gorgeous and unique nightstand. And to show you that I’m not selfish, I will share these ideas with you so that you can get inspired and take advantage as well.


And we start with a simple DIY project that you can actually do in 3 simple steps. First step: you select your stool. Second step: paint the stool in your favorite color or the color that best suits the design of bedroom. Third step: tie some rope between the leg rest of the stool so you end up with a couple of improvised shelves that can accommodate your needs. For the entire project and step by step details please visit the original website.

Via likeasaturday


Another simple and yet striking idea is to use cinder blocks and stack them in any way you like. Just make sure you clean them properly and if you think the look is maybe too raw or industrial for your bedroom, just add a touch of paint or a few fresh flowers and you can make it fit your own style and design. From industrial to chick and feminine, this is one simple way to keep your bedroom simple and keep it gorgeous.

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If music is more part of your life and you want to integrate it as much as possible into your every day life, then check this out. A lovely DIY project that uses a vinyl record and a metal frame to support it. This will make for a wonderful piece of furniture and will show your guests just how creative you can get. Make music a bigger part of your life and of your home.

Via theflourishgabode


For this next project, you will need a bit of luck to either have inherited or found such a piece in a flea market or antique shop. If not, you will need to have a little perseverance to find a piece like this but I am sure that if you really want, you can find one. You can keep it just like you found it to add a little bit of old charm or maybe add a color pattern to make it fit yours and your room’s needs.

Via lily


Another gorgeous item that will fit perfectly in your room as a bedside table would be an old-style bar table. In this picture we have a gorgeous example of a bar table with a gold painted edge that will add a feeling of luxury to your room. You can play with the surfaces, colors and styles of bar in order to add the right touch to your bedroom atmosphere.

Via thedashofdarling


The last idea for a simple, fast and efficient way to have a DIY bedside table in just a few steps is by simply appealing to the aid of a barrel. This will add some country home charm and antique feel to your room and will make you or your guests (if you choose to use it in your guest bedroom) feel right at home. Make your house feel more like a home by using these elements and enjoy it.

Via homedit



Today’s featured image comes from Annie Spratt at Unsplash.

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