Live long, large and in loose dresses

Live long, large and in loose dresses

Because why should we ever dress up in anything else than comfortable clothes? There is no reason. We have too short of a life to live it uncomfortably. And this is why I come here to day with what I consider to be some of the most comfortable pieces of clothes that you can own. As I woman, I mean. Sorry, guys.

Summer’s all about long, large and loose dresses…

When it comes to summer, I love it just for this reason in particular. That I can wear long, large and loose dresses any time of the day and for any occasion. And I know, you may think that’s a bit of a stretch (haha). But if you find just the right one, you will see that wearing this kind of dress to the office will be no problem. It will actually be very respectable since it covers up most of your body and doesn’t put focus on any part in particular.

This can be a heaven sent, especially if you are self conscious about a certain part of your body. And trust me, I am. So with a dress like this you can let a bit loose and focus on everything else. With no fear that something might pop out or show up or someone might notice something. Be free and feel ok in your skin and clothes while keeping cool in any summer situation. Just check out a few of my favorites below and see which one you would feel your best in.


Color Block Full Length Dress With Pockets


Asymmetric Shoulder Side Slit Cut And Sew Tee Dress


Color Block Slit Side Chiffon Dress


Contrast Longline Kaftan Dress


Color Block Mock Neck Floor Length Tent Dress


Color Block Scoop Neck Side Slit Maxi Dress


Contrast Kaftan Floor Length Dress


Contrast Panel Pleated Back Floor Length Dress


Color Block Cut And Sew Drop Shoulder Dress


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