Make your umbrella stand…out!

Make your umbrella stand…out!

Ok, so I made a little pun in the title. It may be annoying to some but, if you’ve been reading up on my blog, you may have gotten used to them and maybe find them a bit charming at this point. And I know, this one is a bit confusing and not the most clear of them but I enjoyed so much once I discovered it that I couldn’t let it go. So, it figures that if you figured out the pun in the title you automatically know what this article is going to be about. But just for argument’s sake (and for filling in just a few more words to make it seem like I write a whole lot) I will let you know that in today’s articles I am going to show you a few gorgeous umbrella stands.

This idea came to me after waking up one day to a dark sky from which came down pouring rain. Due to my faith in the summer time and underestimation of said rain, I took a chance and left my home only with a shy summer parka which I discovered, just a few minutes later, that I have overestimated. This harsh combination of these two misconceptions are what made me spend the next 4 hours soaked while I waited for my work to be done and the rain to stop. The first piece of good news is that I did not catch a cold or my death, both of which I would not have been surprised to see after this incident.  And the second piece of good news was that I was well inspired to search for, write about and buy an umbrella stand (with the umbrellas coming later). I hope that by having one I will never tempt faith again and I will make the right decision during the next monsoon.

And I haven’t come short of material for this one. On the contrary, I have discovered through the home and garden Wayfair online store, the Yamazaki USA designers and fell in love with their products. And this is why today’s article is also dedicated especially to them, because I really wanted to share their great designs and concepts with you. As I’ve done in previous articles, the links you will find for each product is for the page of the store, where you can buy the articles from. Since that is not possible directly from the designers website, the next option was to use the Wayfair website, but I will also post a link towards the Yamazaki USA website if any of you are interested in exploring more and discovering what these amazing people can do.


Layer Umbrella Stand

Via wayfair


Nine Square Umbrella Stand

Via wayfair


If you’ve looked at the pictures so far, you can see that the overall description can be summed to simple, minimalistic and striking design. And if you’ve gone already to the shop to see more details about any of these products, you will also notice that the simple and minimalism design stretches right to the color, all of these stands being available only in black, as we see in the pictures, or white. That’s it. And I have to say that I love the idea of keeping it simple and right to the point while still having a gorgeous piece of art in my home which I can use in a very practical way.


Brick Umbrella Stand

Via wayfair


Rock Umbrella Stand

Via wayfair


Even though I like very much every single one of these pieces (otherwise they wouldn’t be here on my blog), I do have favorites. My top 3 choices would be: Nine Square, Brick, and Nest. I think that these would add the most from a design point of view and would make for a more special piece to be seen as guests enter my home. They are very interesting and well designed and I encourage you not only to visit the entire collection on Wayfair, but also to visit the designers website and discover more of their pieces. I promise that you will not be disappointed if you’ve liked what you have seen in this article. 


Nest Umbrella Stand

Via wayfair

Today’s featured image comes from Gabriel Santiago at Unsplash.


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