How many coffee cups? How about a set?

How many cups of coffee have you had today? If your answer is anything less than 1, then you go right back and get yourself a cup. Of course, unless you prefer tea to coffee. But you have to have had a cup of something to get you started in the morning. Even if it was water. Because there is nothing wrong with that. I’m just here to talk to you about coffee cups. But, of course, you can use these for anything else that you’d like to drink during the day.

Coffee Cups Sets to get you out of bed

So why am I talking to you about coffee cups? How hard can it be to get your own, right? Well, just in case you were thinking that let me explain a little. Because what I tend to do most when it comes to different products is focusing on the details. And this is how I end up finding some of the most beautiful pieces, at least in my opinion. Because I consider every single aspect of the product before buying it from the design and material to the color. And this makes my shopping a lot easier by instantly cutting out things that I may like just at a first look. But may end up hating them later. So, I encourage you next time to try this trick and let me know if it works out for you.

But getting back to our coffee/tea/water cups sets. I found all of these products to be gorgeous and unique in their own way. And I will let you know exactly why I have chosen each set and why it ended up on my list. Make sure to let me know which one ends up being your favorite from today’s list. Or maybe showing me why you like something I haven’t yet written about.

Reasons to choose a cup

First up, we have this gorgeous set of cute and charming cups. I picked them out of the crowd first of all because of their unique and interesting shape. Which reminds me of old clay water pots. But also because of the color scheme that the designer used. I like the idea that they are all alike and yet different in their own way.

Photo and product via worldmarket


Next up we have what can only be describes as a plain and simple set. White is the base for any clean and neat kitchen product. I also love the round shape and small ear of each cup. But what I love best about this set is the fact that the cups are stackable. Because saving up a lot of space on the counter or inside the cupboard is always a good choice.

Photo and product via worldmarket


Moving on with more color and room. The main reason for choosing this set was the volume. I like big cups and I can not lie. So this is a wonderful example of my preferences. I also selected this set due to its unique design, which reminds me of the old and small tea cups my grandparents used to drink out of.

Photo and product via bedbathandbeyond


The next set I like to consider it as “artsy”. Why? Because just looking at it, it seems that a painter took all of his blue paint and decided to go wild on this set. And I love the end result. It’s just like having different cups but still similar enough for a person with a thing for neatness and similarity.

Photo and product via bedbathandbeyond


I personally don’t like gold products usually. And I have to admit that I don’t have something in this color in my house. But the next set of cups really caught my eye and I decided to feature it on this list. Why? Because I love that the patterns are unique but still make the cups seem a part of the set. This set is also available in silver on the website. Just follow the link below to check it out.

Photo and product via wayfair


And we have arrived at the final set for today. You may have guessed it. The shape of these mugs was what caught my attention this time. It’s a unique and interesting feature that I haven’t seen in any other sets and this would make me buy it if I saw it in the store. I also love the fact that the cups are fully colored. Because it could be a nice way to accessorize a bland kitchen. The only thing here is that I would like to see how practical those handles are before buying it. But if that would not be an issue, this set would be on my next shopping list.

Photo and product via wayfair



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