It has been a while since my last article and I have to confess that I feel guilty for neglecting the blog. However, I want to mention that it was not entirely my fault. I had to spend 2 whole days with no internet service at the fault of my provider. After that, it was just a matter of not having time, energy, ideas or inspiration. But today I feel confident and I believe that I finally have everything I need in order to give you guys a good and proper article. This also includes having internet service, inspiration and a great idea.

Today’s article can be accused of having kind of a specific target audience. This being due to its location. But I’d like to think that in today’s modern world anyone could have a chance of visiting it. As you have noticed from the title, I am talking, of course, about Mt. Hood Tiny House Village, a gorgeous campground located less than an hour away from Portland. Its surroundings include the beautiful Pacific Northwest nature and the Mt. Hood National Forest, from where we also have the name. Its distance and proximity to and from the busy city life make this location a perfect get-away for locals and tourists alike. And how great will it be to have an entire house to stay in while camping?

But let’s talk a bit more about the idea of tiny houses and how they have swept the world off its feet. And this is both literally and figuratively. There are many advantages to owning a small home and people are starting to discover all of them. I will get into more detail about this subject in a different article. But the main idea is that with great design and intelligent use of space, you can have a fully functional home even on a small plot.


Via tinyhousegiantjourney


Mt. Hood Village is offering you the chance to stay in one of these small houses instead of a normal camp dwelling. You will get to see how much you can fit in under 300 sq feet or 30 square meters. And this will surely give you an entire new perspective on your home and your use of space in general. Not to mention that, as you can see in the pictures, these homes are incredible in terms of design and decor. There are 5 tiny homes at this point that are waiting for you to take a chance on them. They are all creations of Tumbleweedhouses and I encourage you to go and check them out. Their website is full of information regarding the tiny house concept and their advantages. But for now, let’s meet the houses that will be greeting you at the Mt. Hood Village.

Scarlett is the modern version of the good old farmhouse. Her loved ones are and will always be priority number one. Her valuables consist of family heirlooms and her best memories. And her hobbies include repurposing anything that can be turned into modern day treasure:

Via mthoodtinyhouse


Via mthoodtinyhouse


Via mthoodtinyhouse


A masculine figure like you’ve never met. He has a fondness for adventures, outdoors and strong black coffee and a love for nights under the stars. He will be the love of your life and he goes by the name of Atticus:


Via mthoodtinyhouse


Via mthoodtinyhouse


Via mthoodtinyhouse
Via mthoodtinyhouse


A wild spirit tamed only by nature, Zoe likes to live her life for today. She lives to love and loves to be happy and there is nothing you can do about it. Except maybe joining her:


Via mthoodtinyhouse


Via mthoodtinyhouse


If there ever was anyone more deserving of their name it would be Lincon. A true intellectual with a love for minimalism and nature. He expects nothing more than he deserves and is content with what he has:


Via mthoodtinyhouse


Via mthoodtinyhouse


Via mthoodtinyhouse


Family can be described as the most important element in her life. Havannah is a true southern lady with proper manners, a love of flowers, and always a kind spirit. No problem is to much for a good cup of tea and no advice is more precious than that received from her elders:


Via mthoodtinyhouse


Via mthoodtinyhouse


Now that I’ve introduced them to you, it’s time for you to go ahead and make a choice. Which one will be the home of your get-away and the love of your life? If you’d like to know just a little more about each before making a decision, I recommend checking out their website at Mt. Hood Village. Here’s also a small teaser trailer to stir your curiosity and leave you wanting more:







Today’s featured image comes from tinyhousegiantjourney.

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