I’ve discovered today’s article subject a while ago, which is: Mobile Home. And I wanted to share it with you guys for some time but only now I get the chance. So I may end up being a little more enthusiastic than needed. But I am very glad to be writing about things that I really love and enjoy. And also to be able to share them with you.

So let’s get right into it and get on the road to discovering this great idea. It is actually a very simple concept, which you may have encountered dozens of times online. And you may even end up wondering why would I choose to write about this. And I will answer all of your questions in the next section of the article, which starts right about…

On the Road…


So yeah, there is nothing too spectacular about this project. But this is exactly what attracted me to it. Its simplicity, which is included not only in the overall idea but also in its details and design. But let’s not jump too far ahead here. Let’s try to take one step at a time.

And I want to start with the overall idea of a mobile home. Of course, this comes in the usual form of a trailer. Nothing out of the ordinary so far. As many of you know, trailers have existed for many years now. So the actual idea of this vehicle is no new discovery. But the place where there have been improvements over the years is the interior. And this comes with the new wave of people who are trying to limit their effects on the planet. And they are trying to do so by taking up less and less space as well as resources. And this can be seen in the concept of many trailer designs of the past years.

So today’s trailer is no different. But it is one of the most simple ideas that I have encountered. A very gorgeous and minimalist area inside. Which can turn into a bed with the help of the covering mattress? Take the mattress off and you have a lounge or sitting area, with the mattress as a lovely back support. But, if you want to get away and get some work done, just take the roundtable out from the floor and you have a proper working space worthy of an office.


But I think this is a proper way to leave you and discover more about this design on your own. Please visit the website FiveAm for more information about this design and more design ideas and concepts which you will love.

Mobile Home by FiveAm
Project and photo via FiveAM



Mobile Home Interior by FiveAM
Photo and project via FiveAM


Mobile Home Interior by FiveAM
Project and photo via FiveAM


Mobile Home Interior by FiveAM
Photo and project via FiveAM


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