One pajama, two pajamas, three pajamas…

I have to say that I consider myself very lucky to be writing this article while at home and dressed in my favorite pajamas. I still have a part time job to which I go to in the morning. But to be able to work from home during the afternoons and evenings is a blessing. And with a bit of luck and support from you, I hope to end up doing this as a full time job. In that way, I will be able to dedicate myself much more to this blog and bring you more quality content.

But let’s return to the subject at hand. Today I decided to write a bit about my “work attire”, which consists mainly of pajamas. Of course, I will be talking from the perspective of a normal human being as well. Meaning that I will also be taking into consideration the main purpose of the pajamas, which is to sleep in them. And I do have some things to say about that as well. So let’s begin.

What I look for in a pajama…

To me, you never have enough pairs of pajamas until they stop fitting into your closet. And I’m not really at that level, yet. But don’t tempt me! Well, you couldn’t really tempt me more than I do it to myself. Browsing online through countless pairs and types of products is always a temptation. But I keep myself safe by just thinking for a moment that my budget doesn’t allow me to buy everything I see and like on the internet. And it works! I suggest you try it. I’m sorry that I went on and on again. Let me get back to the sleeping attires which I have for you today. And to also respect the term used in the previous sentence, I will, from this point on, refer to the pajamas and my preferences regarding using them when sleeping.

So, what do I look for when browsing for these products? First of all, I like to sleep in long pants (except for summer when it’s too hot) and a loose t-shirt. This is my favorite paring when it comes to sleeping and the one I feel most comfortable with. But I don’t and have not dissed the long sleeves all together. And this mainly because during winter they are the most cozy and comfortable. And getting loose t-shirts is much easier than finding pajama sets.

One pajama, Two pajamas, Three pajamas…


The first set of pjs that I have for you is simple and looks so comfortable that I just had to add it to the list. I usually don’t pick out white pants in any conditions. It’s just a thing of mine, I’m weird. But this I found quite charming, considering that the pants have little umbrellas drawn on them. The logo on the T-Shirt is not my favorite, I could do without it, but I would ultimately not decide against this set just because of that. Thus, I have added it to the list and shared it with you.

Photo and product via soma


Next up, is what I think is an extremely cute and fun set of pjs. The main color is gorgeous and its pairing with the subtle pink of the teacups and rims is lovely. Not to mention that the tea cup pattern is very charming. For yourself or for a tea lover, this would be a perfect pampering gift.

Photo and product via soma


A little more wild, bold and modern is this next set. With a single color T-Shirt and a striped pair of pants, this set takes a more modern approach to classic pajamas. Since I usually pair my pajama pants with other t-shirts, this set would be perfect in my book. I always like a set of clothes where I could also wear the pieces individually or pair them with other clothes I own. This level of versatility is always a win for me and I appreciate it immensely.

Photo and product via victoriassecret


For those of you looking for a more classic and simple look, here’s one. Straight and forward set of pj’s, single colored, no patterns and as comfortable as they come. This looks like a set perfect for any season and time of day. And since it comes in a single color with just different colored rims, it can be easily paired up with a t-shirt in case you’re not a fan of sleeping with long sleeves (and I would completely understand).

Photo and product via shop.nordstrom


And we end this list on a fun and bright way. Although I don’t usually go for hearts shapes, symbols, or drawings on my clothes, this one doesn’t seem to bother me. To be honest, this is more of a combination of pjs and sweats but it can easily pass on as both. So I wouldn’t mind sleeping in it or wearing it around the house. I cant’t say 100% if its material is very comfortable to sleep in, but if I ever get to check it out, you will be the first ones to know!

Photo and product via shop.nordstrom



Today’s featured image comes from Axelle B via PublicDomainPictures.


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