Today I am going to introduce you to my very own (and owned) house plants. Since I mentioned in a previous article that I will tell you about them, here it is. An article dedicated to 5 of the best houseplants I own and love. I hope you enjoy and maybe buy one for your self if so inclined.

If we take an overall look over what kind of plants do I enjoy, the answer would simply be, quirky. You will notice that these are not your common houseplants that we get to see in every home. Most of the plants that I own have been chosen based on their strange but beautiful features. And I’m not just saying that to be polite. No. Their strange features are actually what make these houseplants beautiful and what made me get every one of them.

Also, there is a little something extra for those of you interested in the subject. I have added links towards pages where you can find out more about the plants and about caring for them. And towards pages from where you can buy these plants for yourselves. Please enjoy and let me know if you have a favorite house plant and feel free to send pictures!


Umbrella Plant (Schefflera Arboricola)

This plant I have to admit that wasn’t mine to chose. I actually received it from my former boss. But I fell in love with it after getting to know and taking care of it. And if you take a look at the picture below, you can see what I meant earlier. Even this one has a quirky look to it, due to the way its leaves are grouped in little circles, similar to an umbrella. From where we also have the popular name for it. When it comes to taking care of it, it can’t get much easier. You just need to water it when needed (which is not that often) and watch out for any big or sudden changes in its environment. Look out for these and you will end up with a healthy and long living plant.

Photo via wikimedia commons

Where to buy: House of Plants

How to care for it: House Plants Expert


Purple Shamrock (Oxalis Triangularis)

When I first saw this plant (also discovered at my office) I instantly fell in love with it. Because how often do you get to see a purple (false) shamrock plant that also has gorgeous and delicate flowers? It was a first for me. And the funny part is that I only wanted to get a bulb from this flower in order to multiply it and have it at home. But due to the kindness of its previous owner (who I would like to thank through this article) I got to take the entire plant home. You can’t imagine my joy when I found out that the plant was mine. And I love it more every day. It is at the moment my favorite house plant of all. (but don’t tell the others)

Photo via wikimedia commons

Where to buy: Easy to grow bulbs

How to care for it: House Plants Expert


Crown of Thorns (Euphorbia Milii)

Another favorite of mine. Although a little temperamental, you will see why. This plant really made an impression on me once I started taking care of it. I mean how can it consist of mostly tall branches with long and sharp thorns and still grow such delicate and beautiful flowers. Ow, and did I mentions that it’s inside is filled with a poisonous white liquid? Yes, that’s right. That’s why it is recommended that you only care for it while wearing gloves. Because if the thorns sting you or that liquid touches your skin, you can end up with ugly rashes or other reactions. But despite of all that, I still consider it one of my favorite plants. And I just recently planted a stem so that I can grow a new plant from it. So keep your fingers crossed for me. Because I really want this to work.

Photo by Dany13 via Flickr

Where to buy: L&P Farm

How to care for it: Guide to House Plants


Scarlet Star (Guzmania lingulata)

Precious but fragile is how I would describe this flower. First of all it looks gorgeous. If you take a look at the picture below you can see why. Due to the fact that it’s flower simply looks like a continuity of its leafs, just with a change of color. To me, this was the most impressive part of this flower. But after reading a big about it, I was saddened to find out that one plant will make one flower in its lifetime. After the flower dries up, the plant will focus on making new plants from its root, and then it will die. So there is a bittersweet feeling when it comes to this particular plant. But, as you can see from the picture, I can tell you that due to its brightness and splendid color it is worth every moment that you own this one.

Photo via wikimedia commons

Where to buy: House of Plants

How to care for it: House Plants Expert


Jade Plant (Crassula Ovata)

And we come to what was my first house plant that I successfully took care of. And I have to give her most of the credit because taking care of it could not be a more simpler job. It needs very little water, only when the soil has dried out. And, fun fact, this is because the Jade Plant stores water in its thick and waxy leaves. Which makes it more or less like a cactus. Also, because I used a particular fertile type of soil, I ended up with a whole lot of new stems which I decided to grow in separate pots and end up with several (around 8) individual mature plants.

Photo via wikimedia commons

Where to buy: House of Plants

How to care for it: House Plants Expert


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