For a while now I have been thinking and pondering about my wardrobe. I have to mention that up until a few years ago, I used to choose my clothes based on only one principle. My clothes had to be as simple and as comfortable as possible. And we could say that I didn’t cared too much about how I looked.

However, growing up a little and maybe even becoming more mature, I started realizing that I had to take a little more care of myself. And, just like any lady, I had to start dressing with a bit more care. So I started by first of all cleaning up what clothes I thought were not appropriate anymore. This included over-sized jeans and sweatshirts, which almost hid the fact that I was a girl. And I also got rid of anything that I haven’t word in over a year and decided to give it away or throw it out. It was almost like a cleansing that I needed in order to move a step forward in my life.

But don’t get me wrong, I didn’t suddenly change my style because of appearances. I just moved on to another stage completely willingly. Up until that point I was just a bit afraid to take any risks when it came to my wardrobe. But with a few encouraging words from my dear boyfriend and wonderful sister, I decided to go ahead. And it payed off. I noticed that I liked paying a bit more attention to what clothes I buy and dressing up.

A dark green, simple, midi skirt…

So, after doing all the clean up, it was time for some new pieces to complete my closet. And the among the first things that I bough was a gorgeous dark green, simple, midi skirt, which I wore to a summer wedding. Of course, it was recommended by my sister and I never thought that I could wear anything close to that. But to my surprise, I fell in love with it.

And I decided from that moment on that if I can wear this to a special occasion, why stop there? I am currently still working on my perfect wardrobe but it was the best start that I could ever have. I simply fell in love with midi skirts and I think I will be wearing them pretty often, once I get a couple more inside my closet. So here are just a few wonderful examples of midi skirt designs, which I fell in love with and I hope to wear in the near future:


Photo and product via chickwish




Photo and product via shein



Photo and product via chicwish



Photo and product via chicwish



Photo and product via chicwish



Photo and product via chicwish



Photo and product via chicwish



Today’s featured image comes from Nastya Polyakova via Unsplash.

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