When it comes to necklaces, I have to admit that I don’t wear them too often. And I believe that this has to do with two reasons. First of all because I’m a bit pretentious and fussy when it comes to any accessory. In order for me to really set my heart on one, it has to be just right from every point of view. And second, because when I do find that perfect necklace or pair or earrings or bracelet, I like it so much that I’m almost afraid to wear it. I buy it but keep it only for special occasions in fear of ruining it during my daily routine. So yeah, I’m a bit of a freak. But this helps me appreciate when I find that special piece and cherish it more. And I’m sure this would apply to any of the pieces in today’s article.

“Felicity Store – created to bring joy”

My job for this blog is basically browsing around the internet for interesting and unique products to share with you. Of course, I have to do more than that to end up with an article but that’s a story for another time.  My point is that today, I am really proud of what I have to share with you. Firstly because today’s products and store are all made and ran in my very own home country, Romania. More specifically, from a gorgeous city right in the center known as Cluj-Napoca. Secondly, because I honestly believe I am not the only one who has fallen in love with their products. And you will see what I mean in just a few moments.

FelicityStore is the name of the store that claims to be “created to bring joy”. And for me, personally, that statement is one hundred percent accurate. I felt an incredible sense of joy and happiness just while browsing through their amazing site and products. Don’t even ask me about buying one for myself because I still haven’t decided yet. And the necklaces are not the only type of products they make. Just take a look at their gorgeous earrings and you will be planning your next month’s budget around them.

Pieces of nature…

There’s no point in me saying too much about these products. Because from a single look at any of these pictures you can notice their beauty and charm. The level of talent and creativity that went into making them. And the patience and passion that results in a unique product every single time. To me, the simple fact that I can wear such a beautifully preserved piece of nature with me at all times is astounding. And I hope you end up appreciating them as much as I do. Just take a look below at some of my favorite pieces and let me know which ones do you like.

Photo and product via FelicityStore


Photo and product via FelicityStore


Photo and product via FelicityStore


Photo and product via FelicityStore


Photo and product via FelicityStore


Photo and product via FelicityStore


Photo and product via FelicityStore



I would like to take a moment and express my gratitude to the lovely team of FelicityStore for allowing me to use their pictures and products in order to share them with you. Thank you and please check out their online store to see more exquisite products.

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