Piggy Banks (with) Reminders!

Piggy Banks (with) Reminders!

Reminders are a great way to turn yourself into a more organized person. For me, personally, they have and still are working wonders in eliminating the chaos of a busy day. It used to be that I would stop in the middle of a task to do another one in order not to forget it. And don’t get me wrong, I would end up finishing all of my tasks in the end. But it would be a pain for anyone else involved or me at the end. Because I was never sure if I had finished everything and I was supposed to do.

But now, all is much better. I write down every time I remember I have to do something. And finish every task before moving to the next one. So my life is much simpler now. All thanks to these simple reminders. So let me explain just how these piggy banks with reminders work. And why are they a great idea that will help you save money.

Piggy Banks Reminders to help you remember why you are saving money!

And I basically said what all I wanted in the subtitle. You can now move on to the products to find the one you are looking for…

I kid, of course. I have a few more words to add. In order to make this article be a good candidate for SEO… Again, I am joking! I just want to tell you a bit about why I think these particular piggy banks with reminders are a great way to save money for what you really want.

First of all, they set up a goal for you that is kind of definite. I mean, unless you start scraping off the writing on the glass, which I do not recommend. But let’s compare to a usual piggy bank with nothing written on it. Those are the ones you dig into for almost any occasion when you are a bit short of money. And these can end up getting lost on the most insignificant things, such as food cravings when you’re a bit short. A new game that just launched at the end of the month right before your salary. Or maybe you ordered pizza and figured out that you don’t have enough for a tip. Any of these reasons can make you loose sight of what you were saving money for.

And I think that having a permanent goal for the money inside your piggy bank is a much better way to save and keep that money until the goal is met. Down below are just a few of my favorite such piggy banks with reminders and I hope you find a favorite one among them. Or maybe you end up being inspired to make a diy project of the sort. In any case, I would be glad to hear from you and hear your thoughts on the matter.

‘Happily Ever After Fund’ Piggy Bank

 “It’s A Rainy Day” Piggy Bank

“Our Adventure Fund” Piggy Bank

‘You Say It, You Pay It’ Piggy Bank

‘My Cruise Fund’ Piggy Bank

‘My College Fund’ Piggy Bank


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