Today we are going to focus a bit on some of the most important beings in my life at the moment. And no, this will not be a story about my family or friends. This will be a story about my beautiful and newly acquired plants. And how I discovered that I needed a lot more space to store them than I had available. Which brings us to today’s subject of beautiful and spacious plant stands.

Plant Stands for your darling house plants 1
Photo and product via gardeners


Plant Stands for your darling house plants 2
Photo and product via gardeners


Story Time

At this moment, my room is filled with almost a dozen different houseplants. From small and growing ones to a big and gorgeous Umbrella Tree that stands almost as tall as me. And I love every single one of them. But having them scattered all around the house can get a little tiresome and a bit frustrating when you have to water them all. So I have them all over, from the windowsill, which is completely filled, to my desk and I even have some on the floor. (don’t want the tree to be taller than me just yet) But the worst part of it is that, as you guessed, I can’t place all of them right near a window. Because I still need room to go about. Which unfortunately leaves some of them in the dark. Or, darker parts of the room.

Thus, I thought that a simple solution to my problem would simply be to have a stand where I can place all of them together. This would really ease my watering process, my checking up on them, and to get them all in the sunniest spot of the house. And plant stands are one of the easiest ways to do this. Just think of them as shelves but for your plants instead of your books.


Plant Stands for your darling house plants 3
Photo and product via gardeners


Plant Stands for your darling house plants 4
Photo and product via gardeners


Make your plant stands stand out

Now, taking into account the number of plants that I have, and therefore pots, that I have to accommodate you may suspect that I selected stands that could have me covered. This is why you will find most of these to be pretty large, in order to accommodate a good number of pots. If you are looking for something smaller in size, make sure to keep close because I will soon return with other articles on this subject. My love for plants does not end here!

So, what can I say about these plant stands to do them justice? First of all are also versatile, being perfectly fitted for both indoor and outdoor use. I personally believe they can fit in any style of home. And, if you get too much space and not enough plants, you can always use them as simple shelves. So take a gander and let me know which you like best.

And if you want to have a look at what types of plants I own, please check out this article – My very own and owned house plants.


Plant Stands for your darling house plants 5
Photo and product via gardeners


Plant Stands for your darling house plants 6
Photo and product via gardeners


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