Save some space in your kitchen for these space saving utensils

When it comes to the kitchen, I love to have everything neat and organized. But, for those who cook a lot, it may be common knowledge that you need plenty of things in the kitchen. Of course, you can do with what you have. And improvisation is one of your best friends when it comes to cooking. But you just feel the need sometimes to buy and use a proper utensil. And sometimes you end up with plenty of things and not enough space for them. So this is why I bring today for you a few products that I think you will like. Because these utensils are not only gorgeous but they are also space saving.

Make some room and save some space

I, for one, love kitchen products. Or anything that is related to food (both making and eating). And this is one of the main reasons why I started this blog. To share with you interesting and beautiful products that I find. And which I think deserve maybe more credit that they get. So here I am with another one of these articles in which I will feed your interests and my kitchen addiction.

But one more thing before we get into the actual products and reasons for me choosing them. I want to mention that all of today’s products are from the website known as JosephJoseph (you can visit by clicking on the name). And to give credit to them for their wonderful products and their design. I honestly enjoyed all the products on their site and encourage any kitchen enthusiast to check them out. So, with that said, let me get back to the products.


Nest™ Glass Storage

Now I love containers just as much as any other person (who can use love when talking about containers). To me they seem a very nice way to keep things neat and in their place. So just imagine my delight when I found a set of beautiful glass containers that also stack up when they are not used. This is more of an advantage than many of you might think. But just buy this first stackable containers set and you will never go back again.

Photo and product via JosephJoseph

Nest™ Oven

Did anyone say they enjoyed stacking products? Then how about this practical set of roasting trays. They come in 3 sizes, which fit very well together when not used. And the size variety turns them into an ever better choice for you and you kitchen. Because you can use the different sizes when cooking for different numbers of people. Or even when cooking different dishes, some of which may not take up that much space. These are a smart as well as space saving choice and I think you will enjoy them.

Photo and product via JosephJoseph

Fold-flat Grater™ Plus

Moving away from the stacks for a moment (but don’t worry, we’ll get back on that). I want to introduce to you now a product that I consider immensely useful for the average home cook. And I have to say that I have encountered this very issue in my kitchen many times. I am talking, of course, about the multi grater. Which I am sure that many of you have at home. And the issue with it is its size. I can never find the right spot for it and I sometimes get frustrated in trying to. So I see this fold flat grater as a real solution to space saving in the kitchen.
Photo and product via JosephJoseph

Nest™ 9 Plus

Next up is one of my favorite products of the day. The Nest 9 Plus is a combination of bowls and kitchen utensils that are perfectly stackable and that have a real use in the kitchen. From measuring cups to a steel mesh sieve, strainer, and even mixing bowls, this set is the perfect combination for a beginner cook. Or simply a passionate cook who has to deal with limited space. I love the fact that all of these different pieces stack. Because it would have been easy to simply put just mixing bowls together or just measuring cups. But they are different and all very useful in the kitchen and now they will also be space saving.

Photo and product via JosephJoseph

Nest™ Utensils Plus

Since we keep speaking (or I keep writing) about stackable products, I will also end today’s article with one. And this time I really have something that anyone who cooks, wether they like it or not, is going to use at some point. We are talking, of course, about the 5 spoons and spatulas that have a daily job in the kitchen. I personally like and use all of them at some point during the week. So I like to have them not only at hand when I need them. But also neatly stacked so that they don’t take up too much of my counter space. And I believe to have found the perfect solution with this next set.
Photo and product via JosephJoseph
And with this last product I leave you be for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s products and that you find at least one to fit your needs and likes. If even one of you considers these space saving products a good thing, then my goal for today is accomplished. I with you have beautiful homes and a lovely day ahead. Until next article…

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