Something knit for your feet

Something knit for your feet

Even though summer is coming, there have been a few cold days in my area that just wanted to warn and tell me that I shouldn’t give up my cold weather wardrobe entirely. So, as I was going through my closet and deciding what to wear during those more pretentious days, I also decided to leave out my warm knitted slippers to wear around the house. I have a few pairs knitted by my mother and I cherish them dearly.

I know what you may be thinking at this point, how could I be wearing knitted slippers during spring time? Well, I have to say that these are a wonderful alternative to wearing socks or slippers. Depending on the knitting pattern, they can be made to let your feet breathe and just protect them by offering a warm and cozy step on those cold surfaces of your home. But that’s not all! Due to this process’s versatility, this type of home slippers or socks, however you want to call them, come in different shapes, sizes and colors with the most charming patterns you have ever seen.

In this article I will show you a few gorgeous models of knitted home slippers that you can order right now, keeping in mind that most of them are made to order!

Mary Jane Green Knitted Slippers by Nothingbutstring: The first slippers I have to introduce are a gorgeous model inspired by the old but classic shoes known as Mary Jane. This model of home knitted slipper comes in various colors, but I consider the model I have also selected for the picture to be the best looking ones. The combination of green and black is simple yet striking and it fit right in with your other spring/summer clothes.

Via etsy


Crochet Shark Slipper Booties by WoolyKnitsandCrochet: Ever hear the phrase cat got your tongue? Well, now the shark has your legs. But don’t worry! He’s completely harmless and won’t do anything worse than keep you warm and they will also look very fetching, if you allow me the pun. Your family and friends are sure to be impressed by these slippers but you will want to keep them all to yourself.

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Wook Crotchet Pink Slippers by Lacebox: This next pair of slippers seem like taken off a doll and brought into real life. They are the wonderfully feminine and subtle and just the perfect way to take good care of your feet. And even though I have to admit that pink is not my favorite color, these slippers have a delightful charm to them that convinced even me to give them a chance and I’m sure will find many fans among you.

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Sock Monkey Slippers by KnitaBitofWhimsy: If you have a good sense of humor then these slippers are the best fit for you. With two charming monkey faces that looked like ripped out of a cartoon, these slippers are sure to be the talk of the day. But make sure to keep your feet on the ground because they won’t give you the ability to jump from tree to tree.

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Gold Knitted Cozy Slippers by MomsGiftShoppe: If you prefer a rather simple option, then these golden, warm and cozy slippers are a product made in heaven. Just look at them! Even from the picture they look cozy and so comfortable that I’d like to get a pair in every color. But of course, I love this golden yellow which we can see in the picture bellow and it would be a perfect dash of color to fit in my wardrobe.

gold-knitted-cozy-slippers-womenVia etsy


Crochet Owl Slippers by Byrosali: Another fun pair of slippers that will cheer you up every day with more than just warming your feet are these wonderful owl crochet slippers. Just put them on and let them carry you all over the house.

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Today’s featured image comes from Pixabay.

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