Today we are going to focus a bit on some of the most important beings in my life at the moment. And no, this will not be a story about my family or friends. This will be a story regarding my beautiful and newly acquired plants. For which I need plenty of space to display.

So, this brings us to today’s subject of plant stands. For the moment, I have filled my home and room with almost a dozen different house plants. And I love every single one of them. But they are scattered everywhere around the house. From the floor to my desk and some on the window still. So I decided to get them all together on a simple and beautiful stand. This will make my job much easier. Because I can watch after them more thoroughly and even water them more easily. So, just like in any other case I simply went online and decided on some of the best looking stands. And here they are, just in case you were looking for one as well.

Make your plants stand(s) out

So, since I mentioned that I have about a dozen potted plants, you may suspect that I selected stands that could have me covered. This is why you will find most of these to be pretty large, in order to accommodate a good number of pots. But if you are looking for something smaller in size, I encourage you to check out the website mentioned under the photos. Because in most of these cases you can find a smaller version of the plant stand that you pick.

These stands are also versatile. Because I am pretty sure that you can use these both inside your home, on your balcony or even outside on the patio or in the garden. So you just have to pick the one that you like best. I hope you enjoy and soon enough I will be back with another article where I present to you all my newly acquired plants.


Photo and product via gardeners


Photo and product via gardeners


Photo and product via gardeners


Photo and product via gardeners


Photo and product via gardeners


Photo and product via gardeners


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