No matter the time of day, season, year, I can always find a good excuse to wear my pajamas. And I don’t mean that I get to sleep whenever I want, don’t get me wrong. But I do find any opportunity to change and stay in my pajamas during the day, if I am at home. So, besides sleeping in them, I also like to wear them when I work. For example while writing this article. And I also like to wear them if I am just at home, relaxing or wasting time one way or another. The only exception I take is when I cook. Because the smell of the food gets in the clothes and I can’t stand smelling like food after I’m done cooking.

However, my point is that I make good use of my pajamas. And I like to have many different sets of them. If you like to see an article about long pajamas, perfect for the cooler seasons, check out this one: One pajama, Two pajamas, Three pajamas…

But in today’s article I will show you and talk about summer time pajamas. It may sound like a weird concept and some of you may consider them useless, but give it a chance. I know that during summer you can sleep in almost anything, or possibly nothing (stop it…we’re all adults here). And I completely agree with that. But as I’ve mentioned, I also like to wear my pajamas around the house when I have nowhere to go during the day. So, I always prefer to have sets that are good for any season and temperature. Of course, I’m not saying that all of these pajamas are ok to wear around the house, especially if you don’t live alone. But if you do, go for it and see how good it feels!

Shorts, t-shirts, and sorts…

So, when it comes to summer pajamas, there are only a few rules to be followed. This includes shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, and maybe a few other types of shirts. The materials and fabrics have to be soft, easy on the skin and to let it breathe, while still concealing what needs to be concealed. And, as you can see from the examples below, it’s not that hard to get this right.


This first set I find absolutely stunning to look at, first of all. The level of detail, color, and design is amazing and immediately as I saw it, it gained a spot on my wishlist. I only hope it’s as comfortable as it is gorgeous.

Photo and product via soma


Even though I don’t like pink when it comes to clothes, here it doesn’t matter. The great cut of the clothes, the materials and the design overall is a complete package, for me. This, I have to say, are my favorite types of shirts and pants to sleep in during summer.

Photo and product via victoriassecret


Next up, we have a little more of a classic piece. A simple design, a few details added to make it special and a lovely color. The combination of all these elements are a winner and a great pajama in my book.

Photo and product via shop.nordstrom


Even though it’s summer, some of you may prefer a more conservative and clean look, if I may say so. So the following piece is the perfect match. You can even pair this with a simple t-shirt or tank top and make it even more fit to wear around the house at any time.

Photo and product via shop.nordstrom


We all know that white is what we should be wearing during the summer. It protects the skin, repels sun light and it actually looks good in almost any condition (except pants!). So here is a wonderful white pajama set that may be just what you’ve been looking for during the too hot to sleep nights.

Photo and product via shop.nordstrom


But if you like a classy, and more elegant look, I have you covered (but not entirely). The following set is the thing if you think a tank top might be too revealing or uncomfortable. In a simple black color and soft material, with small lace details, this piece is a good look for any time and day at home.

Photo and product via shop.nordstrom










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