Today was a gorgeous day to be outside! So who am I to stay inside on such a day? I decided to not waste this opportunity and immediately found a way to take advantage. I grabbed a coffee, met with a friend and just sat on a park bench. The sun was shining and it seemed that we weren’t the only ones taking advantage, as people were buzzing around town. The only downside, but far from a turnoff, was that the wind was acting up a bit. So I managed to turn this into a positive by showing off a beautiful sweater. Having been stolen from my boyfriend a while ago, it was over-sized, puffy, warm, and perfect! And puff, just like that, the article idea came to me, as it often does when I’m in a good mood. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

My ideal sweater…

For me, a sweater has to be warm, cozy and over-sized! I like to just loose myself in the fabric and be kept warm and covered. But, of course, I pick out flattering sweaters as well, as I am still a girl. Sometimes even a mix between the two will come up and get me excited. But you will see what I mean and what my tastes are in the following paragraphs. During my selection process for this article, I decided to not get limited by a single style or type. I have chosen these sweaters in order to show off different patterns, colors, materials, etc. When it comes down to it, I would wear any of these sweaters if given the opportunity.

I have just one more mention to make, before we get to the actual products. When it comes to clothes, I don’t like to say too much about them. I’d rather let them do the talking, because that’s what they do best. So in this article I thought I’d tell you just a couple of reasons for which I have chosen each item. The rest of the talking I will leave it up to the pictures and the sweaters themselves.

And a few of my favorites…

My first choice is a little stretch when it comes to my tastes, because I don’t usually go for turtlenecks. But in the case of some sweaters, such as this one, I find myself willing to make an exception. The shape of the sweater and simple design caught my eyes but the loose turtleneck really sold it for me.

Via shopnordstrom


The next sweater on my list is fitted more for the warm spring days to come. Its loose knitting pattern makes it a very good choice for a cool and breeze day when you just need the touch of knitted material on your skin. I like to wear this kind of sweaters with a colored sleeveless shirt underneath and a light jacket if needed.

Via hnm


I also enjoy a good amount of length when it comes to my sweaters. And this next item on my list fits that criteria perfectly. Long enough to keep me warm, but with a wonderful cut on its sides to keep it interesting, this sweater is the one of my dreams. Besides this, I also love the material and color patterns that keep it simple but interesting at the same time.

Via shopnordstrom


We move on to a choice more perfect for the winter season but still a great option for those cold and harsh days of Spring, when the sun just doesn’t want to show his face. When it comes to this sweater, I have to mention that I love both the knitted line pattern and the color of it.

Via hnm


And we are at the final of the list. This is where I come with a fitted, white and wool sweater, made with the use of a chunky bouclé-knit, according to its website. This would not be my first choice to wear but I have to appreciate the unique knitting pattern, which I think looks great in this color.

Via shopnordstrom


I leave you with the hope that my article warmed your hearts and maybe will warm your bodies if you’ve seen anything you particularly like. Have a great day and keep warm!


This article’s featured photo comes from Pixabay.

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