Some of my dearest childhood memories involve summers at my grandparents, playing with the neighborhood kids and letting the day pass by as I hanged around in the outdoor swing. I’m sure that all of us have this sort of memories which we cherish and grow more fond of with each year that passes by. But we can always find a way to revive those memories and make them come back and even fit in our lives again. Today I want to share a way for all those of you who had the pleasure to have a swing when you were little and bring those dear memories back.

A new trend and what can simply be seen as the modern day version of the swing has appeared and is taking the world off its feet. We can also look at it as it being the adult version of the swing or just another design version of the hammock. Give it your own interpretation if you’d like, just give it a chance and I promise that you won’t ever want to sit with you feet on the ground ever.

So this is another article in which I won’t get into the details of every single product. Why? Because I don’t want to bore you with the details of materials and repeat myself over and over. I believe I have done this many times before (haha), so I wanted to spare you at least this time.

Via ladiesandgentlemens


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So all of these chairs are made out of a basic structure and added pillows or cushions for a plus of comfort. They are made out of different combinations of woods and strings which form unique bonds for every product. The designs are quite beautiful and I have to commend all of the producers for their creativity. The beauty of these suspended chairs or whatever you’d like to call them is that you can use them both outside and indoors, even switch depending on the season. The choice is yours and the comfort will be yours also. Create new memories and relive old ones, just select your favorite and make it yours!


Via urbanoutfitters


Via wayfair


Today’s featured image comes from Ben Rosett at Unsplash.

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