A table runner for the holidays

A table runner for the holidays

When it comes to organizing a dinner party, for holidays or otherwise, the first thing we think about is the table arrangement. And up until this point, the usual choice was a proper tablecloth, which would usually cover up the entire table. In today’s article I propose you take a chance and open your mind to something a bit different. If you don’t wanna cover up your entire table but still want to have a classy looking display, try a runner. This is a wonderful compromise and modern alternative to the classic tablecloths. And in order to keep the holiday spirit going, I decided in this article to feature strictly Christmas themed runners.

The tradition of tablecloths

The tablecloth is a product of European culture and it has been present since medieval times. During those days, it was mainly used to show off the wealth and well being of a household. A result of this being that only the upper and middle class families could afford this “luxury”. Although I am sure that there were certain variations to these items, among the first and most basic designs used were plain white and simple.

It was only later on that the tablecloth also became a way to protect the dining table from scratches and other dangers. And around this time it was that everyone started to use it, not just the upper classes. Since that moment on, the tablecloth has become an ordinary household object that we still use to this day.

Modern time alternatives

So what about runners? Well, we could say that a runner is the modern version of the old tablecloth. Since we entered modern times, not only have our style changed but also our furniture designs and many other quirks that have influenced the appearance of runners. The dining tables of today have evolved through the material from which they are built to their unique and beautiful designs. So today there is no need any more to simply cover up your dining table entirely. And gladly, this can be said both from a protective and decorative point.

But where does this leave us with the decorating part, when it comes to dinner parties? For those of you who like the nostalgia of the tablecloth, or just want to have a beautiful arrangement in the center of the table, this is the alternative. A runner offers you the possibility of keeping that piece of old style charm. But you can still make it fit into our modern times. So have a look at these and let me know what you think:

Pick a runner and run with it!

First we have a gorgeous simple and subtle runner that is perfect for the Christmas dinner. And with such a subtle message, you can even get away with using it all throughout the holidays.

Via matalan


If your holiday decorations are all about the red and silver combination this year, then you may want to opt for this choice. A simple yet elegant red runner with beautiful silver tree details which are not to little or not too much. Just enough.

Via wayfair


I love this next choice because I think it is the less representative of a certain holiday. And this means that you don’t have to restrict from using it in any day, month or season.

Via next


A more simple choice, with a color that stands next to any other. This runner has all the Christmas charm you can get in its “fingertips”. The gorgeous mountain cabin scene at each of its ends makes it the perfect choice for your winter holidays.

Via wayfair


I believe that this runner is for those of you who instantly got the song “Rudolf the red nose reindeer” into their heads as soon as you saw the picture. In my case, it gets me every single time. But besides that, this is a gorgeous and elegant runner that will give your dinner party an entire new feeling.

Via wayfair


And for those of you who would like to get a little more of a home country-style at the dinner table, we are ready to deliver. I could not describe this runner better that by using the word “cute”. The sown buttons and charming pattern make it a simply gorgeous addition to any dinner, not just for Christmas.

Via wayfair



Today’s featured image comes from HGTV.

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