Today I am going to introduce you to my very own (and owned) house plants. Since I mentioned in a previous article that I will tell you about them, here it is. An article dedicated to 5 of the best houseplants I own and love. I hope you enjoy and maybe buy one for your […]

Living Room

Today I am sharing with you an old subject inside a new article. It is not the first time that I will share with you some gorgeous pots and planters for your beautiful house plants. But it is the first time that this entire collection will be from the wonderful Wayfair website. In case you […]


Today we are going to focus a bit on some of the most important beings in my life at the moment. And no, this will not be a story about my family or friends. This will be a story about my beautiful and newly acquired plants. And how I discovered that I needed a lot […]


In today’s article I want to bring a little more nature into your home and talk a bit about plants. And in order not to bore anyone or save you the trouble from reading for too long, I will mention that today I will talk about kitchen herbs. They are the most useful, beautiful and diverse […]


Even though it’s Friday, I believe that there is still plenty of time to plan a weekend getaway. But how can you plan something so big in so little time? Well, I’m glad you asked. I want to show you that a weekend getaway can be represented by much more than just an expensive trip. The weekend getaway […]