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  • Area Rugs | Color Series | Rainbow Road

    If you feel like a space in your home is missing something, then an area rug might be just what you need. Now, I have to say that, I am not a carpet fan by any means. And I actually prefer bare floors to any sort of carpet. But area rugs are completely different. And […]

  • Pick a blanket and throw (it over yourself)

    Officially, the winter is gone and we only have the Spring season to look forward to. But the warm days are still taking their precious time to get here, aren’t they? We still have pretty cold temperatures in the evenings. Not to mention the dreaded mornings, when you have to go to work. So who wouldn’t […]

  • 5 modern armchairs and 5 reasons to buy them

    When it comes to armchairs, there are plenty of reasons to have but also not to have one. And I can understand completely if you choose not to. They can take up valuable space if you don’t have a big living room. You can end up with an unused piece of furniture if you don’t […]

  • Put your plants in these beautiful IKEA pots | house plants

    I have to admit that I haven’t always had much of a green thumb. The first plant I ever had unfortunately died. And, to my shame, that little plant was also featured on the “hardest plants to kill” list. So, I could admit that I was pretty rubbish when it came to taking care of plants […]

  • Choose an end (table) for your Scandinavian design

    When it comes to interior design, I have to admit that the Scandinavians have stolen my heart. At this point I believe that there is not one home, room or piece of furniture that has come out of their creativity and which I do not like. So, while browsing around one of my favorite home […]

  • Area rugs | ColorSeries | Yellow

    Hello and welcome to another Color Series for you and your home. I hope you enjoyed my previous series, which was all about colorful dinnerware, and that it brightened up your dining room. In this series, we are going to focus on more than one part of the home. Because when it comes to area […]

  • Ceiling lamps that will have you looking forward to evenings at home

    In modern days, any type of home lighting has become more an object of decor than anything else. We, of course, still use all kinds of lamps to light our homes. But nowadays we also give a little more thought to the part they play in our home decor. Let’s look at today’s subject for example, […]

  • 4 modern sofa designs to enjoy in your home

    The most important piece of furniture in your living room has to be the sofa. So, it is only fitting that you pay a decent amount of time in order to do research before choosing one. You have to pick everything from the size and shape to the style and design. Not to mention that, […]

  • Take a seat at the table and let’s talk about it!

    And I mean that literally! I want today for us to talk about tables, all sorts of tables. Whether you are looking for a coffee, dining, bedside or end table, I have all types in this article and they are all exquisite and unique. I have found these tables around the internet and you can […]