I am at my boyfriend’s parents home listening to a roaring fire and watching the setting sun out the window. I have been here for the Christmas Holiday and have had some time to relax and enjoy. So I tried to relax, stop constantly thinking about work, and let go of everything for a while. […]


IĀ am extremely excited to introduce you to this article. First of all because I usually am excited for any article. This is one of the best parts of doing something you love. It never stops being exciting to do the same thing over and over. But secondly, I am thrilled because today we are talking […]

Living Room

Welcome my dear readersĀ and I sincerely hope you enjoy the following series that I have preparedĀ for you. Since we are living in a very bold and bright period, I thought that I should adapt my articles accordingly. Because why shouldn’t we keep this trend going on inside of our homes as well? So here is […]

Dining Room

When I was little, I remember that I wanted my future kitchen to beĀ designed in a red and white combination of colors. Today, I can admit to beingĀ over that concept and happy about it. Why? Mainly because IĀ discovered simple, singleĀ colored and neutral toned kitchens. And secondly, because I also realized that you have to have […]